Behold! The Pizza cake!

Ah, the turducken of the pizza world.


Or the pizza pie Cherpumple

Sponsored content should be marked as sponsored content for the same reason that ads should be marked as ads. The importance of the reporting doesn’t matter - if buzzfeed is a journalistic outfit (and they claim they are) then knowing placement was paid for is important information for the readership.


The best pizza I ever had was in the Italian district in Providence. It didn’t have thick crust like “deep dish”, but did have an inch thick top layer of sauce, cheese, and toppings. I’ve never seen anything like it since.

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Looking at the Buzzfeed article, I think it’s more likely that the Buzzfeed author just republished the Pillsbury link (which they did, indeed, link to) as a Buzzfeed article. It wouldn’t be the first time that a Buzzfeed author just flat out took the content of another page and posted it on Buzzfeed. And does Buzzfeed actually claim to be a journalistic outfit? I’m not sure “Here’s What You Should Eat For Dinner” (a random headline pulled from the front page) qualifies as journalism.

But yeah, all the inner layers appear to be pre-cooked, so no “raw inner dough” issues to worry about.

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What a delicious looking crime against humanity.

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I agree for important things, but am unswayed for trivial, blatantly “just look at that ___” sort of stuff*. Also by buzzfeed’s claims. Anyone’s claims really; I prefer to look at their actions, not their words. Weasels will find a way to be weaselly regardless of the rules (eg PACs).

*maybe that would lead to headlines like “Just look at this amazing congressional redistricting plan” without the “sponsored by the _NC tag.”

I would totally eat that if ordered to by my CO.


That would be like finding out that Star Wars had been produced by a major Hollywood Studio, instead of being an Indie Darling!



If I could remember I’d die a happy man.

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Right, but the problem is, I would rather media organizations, built on clicks and sponsored content, not be the ones deciding whether they tell me a thing has been paid for by an outside source, and the only way around that is put all of their sponsorship up front. There’s a reason newspaper supplements are labelled as “special advertising sections.”

Ah, then it’s an issue of authenticity and not objectivity?
That’s trickier.
It’s funny/disturbing that it makes a difference, since the output is the same. But it often does, I’m sad to say.

Boston Pizza did this earlier this year :slight_smile:

And I thought they were finished innovating with their Pizza Burger (which actually isn’t bad, though it’s a bit dry). Keep at it, you crazy maniacs.

Ye Gods.

My house. That’s what my pizzas look like. There’s a chicken one requires chicken thighs cooked in a dutch oven atop the sauce (with greek olives, fennel and lots of onions), then shredded off the bone and stirred in. It is a marvel of a pizza.

Are you married? Do you need a husband? Fair warning – I do come with baggage (wife + kids).

Yeah, well, I discovered yesterday my girlfriend doesn’t know what tetris is. We can work something out, I’m sure…


I… I just… What? How? I have no words.

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