Behold! The Pizza cake!

What a delicious looking crime against humanity.

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I agree for important things, but am unswayed for trivial, blatantly “just look at that ___” sort of stuff*. Also by buzzfeed’s claims. Anyone’s claims really; I prefer to look at their actions, not their words. Weasels will find a way to be weaselly regardless of the rules (eg PACs).

*maybe that would lead to headlines like “Just look at this amazing congressional redistricting plan” without the “sponsored by the _NC tag.”

I would totally eat that if ordered to by my CO.


That would be like finding out that Star Wars had been produced by a major Hollywood Studio, instead of being an Indie Darling!



If I could remember I’d die a happy man.

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Right, but the problem is, I would rather media organizations, built on clicks and sponsored content, not be the ones deciding whether they tell me a thing has been paid for by an outside source, and the only way around that is put all of their sponsorship up front. There’s a reason newspaper supplements are labelled as “special advertising sections.”

Ah, then it’s an issue of authenticity and not objectivity?
That’s trickier.
It’s funny/disturbing that it makes a difference, since the output is the same. But it often does, I’m sad to say.

Boston Pizza did this earlier this year :slight_smile:

And I thought they were finished innovating with their Pizza Burger (which actually isn’t bad, though it’s a bit dry). Keep at it, you crazy maniacs.

Ye Gods.

My house. That’s what my pizzas look like. There’s a chicken one requires chicken thighs cooked in a dutch oven atop the sauce (with greek olives, fennel and lots of onions), then shredded off the bone and stirred in. It is a marvel of a pizza.

Are you married? Do you need a husband? Fair warning – I do come with baggage (wife + kids).

Yeah, well, I discovered yesterday my girlfriend doesn’t know what tetris is. We can work something out, I’m sure…


I… I just… What? How? I have no words.

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I know, right? I nearly fell off my chair.


If I were you, I’d just post the recipe and then you wouldn’t have so many people showing up to share your couch. Because I’m bringing my kids too.

We’ve taken it outside and basically grill all the pizza these days, highly recommended.

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Sweat some coarsely chopped white onions in a pan with garlic & olive oil, remove the pits from more greek-style black olives (packed in salt, none of your briny nonsense) than is reasonable, chuck them in the pan too, add passata (or just blend some tinned tomatoes like a sane person who doesn’t like to waste money), season, including a generous helping of fennel seeds and enough of your favourite chilli spice to give it a slight kick (I like a good sized teaspoon of harissa), add to preheated dutch oven or casserole pot and place on top at least 3 chicken thighs (or two legs) that have had the skin seared crispy in a skillet and cook for at least two hours in a moderate oven. Remove chicken pieces and eat the delicious crispy skin, shred meat & stir into sauce, slather large amounts onto pizza dough (I’ve found that mildly pre-baking the dough reduces sogulence and pizza-liquefaction) and place on pizza stone, not forgetting ALL THE CHEESE and some anchovies and cook to your liking.
If you don’t have a pizza stone, well, you’re a bad person, but, as has been discussed here before, you can use a cast iron skillet, though you WILL burn yourself. A lot. The kids will learn new words alright. And stay off my lawn.


Please proceed directly to the cashier to receive your winnings of (1) internet today.

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My wife has never seen Star Wars (none of the 3/6), Blade Runner, Back to the Future (“except half of that western one, was that one of them?”), refused to finish watching Brazil and holds it up as example of awful movies that I like.

That she wanted me to go on a double-date to see Flubber is not part of that conversation (probably because I was an asshole and refused to see it).