Beto O'Rourke was in the Cult of the Dead Cow and his t-files are still online


That’s my gut feeling too. Then again, dude’s in Texas, so maybe he’s just super practical politically. Bit too close to Third Way politics for my blood tho.


Here’s some analysis of his time as a rep from the Guardian: “Even as O’Rourke represented one of the most solidly Democratic congressional districts in the United States, he has frequently voted against the majority of House Democrats in support of Republican bills and Trump administration priorities. Capital & Main reviewed the 167 votes O’Rourke has cast in the House in opposition to the majority of his own party during his six-year tenure in Congress. Many of those votes were not progressive dissents alongside other left-leaning lawmakers, but instead votes to help pass Republican-sponsored legislation. O’Rourke has voted for GOP bills that his fellow Democratic lawmakers said reinforced Republicans’ anti-tax ideology, chipped away at the Affordable Care Act (ACA), weakened Wall Street regulations, boosted the fossil fuel industry and bolstered Donald Trump’s immigration policy”

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I think they mean like a “group” group. But, IDK. I used sprint numbers in 82 to go all over the place, at best.


Frankly, I’m pretty goddamn sick of the Democratic Party deciding what’s practical politically before they even offer suggestions for how to move this nation forward.



It makes him 100x hotter. I mean, cool. Yeah.

(I miss the BBS days)


Okay. We got to get this guy for President now.

Holy Shit.


Done deal, baby. Going to run this sucker all the way home.


Holy cow, that brings back some memories, mainly of Back Orifice, after someone posted it on Usenet in the late 90’s. Of course that was a decade after he’d left the group, but still.

Beto O’Rourke is not the most progressive candidate, per a number of articles The Guardian has published about him, including the one from Dec. 2018 that @belovedvillain posted earlier:

And he doesn’t have a lot of experience in politics, either. So I’ll wait and see what other Democratic candidates have to offer before getting on Beto’s train.


Nah - he’s estimated to have a PNW of $9 million. Not in Edwards territory- but still pretty sweet.

He does come from a well off political family- dad ran for Congress- maternal grandfather was Secretary of the Navy under Prez Kennedy.


Yeah… just what we need. Someone crowned by those fucking bozos.


He’s also married to a billionaire heiress.


Time’s up. A hard pass for me, also.


So - he’s a kept man?


From the interview:“My sense is, following some success that I had in Congress, and working with Republicans to actually get things signed into law, including both President Obama and President Trump’s administrations, that I may have an ability to work with people who think differently than I do, come to a different conclusion that I’ve come to on a given issue, and yet find enough common ground to do something better than what we have right now.”

Finally a candidate with the courage to cross the aisle and work with republicans on some kind of grand bargain,


I think this makes him even more fucking cool.



You’re seriously harping on the legendary Cult of the Dead Cow? This guy would probably make fun of the Chaos Computer Congress.


Someone search News group archives, I want to see if he posted to Alt.Sex.Cthulhu.


I just remember the Cult of the Dead Cow being in a defcon documentary where they were snorting weird powders and writing fake code in front of the media and the media said: “wow, so this is how it is done”, while they were dressed up as milkmen. Hilarious epic trolling.


The coolest thing is how he’s married to a billionaire heiress who is a huge charter school advocate and administrator. It’s so rad how he’s literally in bed with a little mini Texas Betsy DeVos! He’s such a rebel!

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