Biden launches re-election campaign

I have yet to see many, if any, third party candidates, even in my local elections, that aren’t either dangerously naive or a lunatic, or some combination thereof.


I love how Levy telegraphs so many complex and contradictory emotions. He really is the gif-generating superhero our current timeline demands.


I mean - he’s ok. I honestly think if he runs again we have a 50/50 shot he will die in office. But thus far there hasn’t been a charismatic contender to lead the Democratic Party and has a shot nationally.

Maybe that will change.


As long as you’re not in a swing state, vote for whomever you want or don’t vote at all. I’m not a Dem party loyalist by a longshot, but I do recognise the realities of the duopoly system and how that plays out nationally.


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Are you in a swing state? Then vote for the viable alternative! Crissakes


So you’re okay with fascists winning! Got it! :+1:

In normal times - go for it. This is not normal times. If you don’t want to see mass slaughter of particular groups of people, or to continue to see kids being shot up at a remarkable rate, then by all means, go vote for the shitshow the Greens have become… If you give a shit about anyone who is in the crosshairs, now might be the time to vote strategically and to keep pushing the Democrats and the overton window to the left…


Democrats have more than twice as many Senate seats to defend in 2024 as Republicans, an imbalance that gives the GOP a clear path to capturing the Senate — even if the Georgia result has given Democrats a little breathing room. At present, 34 Senate seats will be up for election,1 and of those, Democrats (including the independent senators who caucus with them) hold 23 to the GOP’s 11

from Republicans Still Have A Clear Path To Retaking The Senate In 2024 | FiveThirtyEight

For the House it’s largely a question of how much the generic ballot breaks for R versus D, and the structural advantage Republicans have there (something like a 2-3 percentage point margin) hasn’t changed dramatically since, say, 2010. There are also a lot of races the D side lost in 2022 that are very re-winnable this cycle, in NYS especially. Looking at you, George Santos.


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What I find amusing is the republican talking point is the democrats won’t allow primary debates giving minorities a chance to challenge the old white man.

Was that ever a thing the republicans did, have primary debates in 2020 so minorities could challenge their old white man?


On the occasion of this announcement, the GOP excitedly rolls out its newest innovation in lying.

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Have you considered not voting?

Why would I try to convince you of anything? You’ve just showed up here.


It’s just easier to make assumptions than to discuss the issues… :woman_shrugging:


Voting third party in the US presidential election is just helping the one of the two major party candidates you agree with less.

Every possible Republican candidate is going to be morally and pragmatically worse than Biden. In some cases, like Trump or DeSantis, catastrophically worse.

No third party candidate, whoever the Greens put forth, is going to win. Teddy Roosevelt got more votes than Taft, and they still both lost to Wilson. No American third party has a candidate who could do better than Teddy Roosevelt.

Voting for Biden is the morally correct option. Not voting, or voting for the GOP candidate is a coherent choice. Voting third-party is neither moral nor coherent.




Vote for whomever you wish, but own it. If you’re in a swing state that ends up going for a candidate that further harms marginalized groups (or even the most populous one, Women) further, just understand that the consequences of your decision are also yours to own. If someone decides to hold you accountable for voting for a third-party candidate rather than ensuring the swing state didn’t go the wrong way, that’s their right, too.

As I said, own it. You’re making a choice that affects the whole country, so you also own the consequences. In 2016, the green party vote was sufficient to flip the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin red. In 2020 the vote wasn’t affected, and only 400k voted Green vs 1.4 Million in 2016.

I am fairly certain that giving three states to Trump in 2016 was not the goal of the Green Party voters in those states (though perhaps it was!), but they bear the responsibility for that choice. Perhaps the fact that a million less people voted Green in 2020 shows the effect of how that responsibility weighed on Green Party voters, too.


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More often than not the Green Party candidate is not only unelectable, but would make an objectively bad President. For example, for all Jill Stein’s progressive policy positions she was still a batshit Putin apologist who would have been completely ineffective at getting anything through congress even if she had somehow won the election.


Also, isn’t she an anti-vaxxer? The Covid-19 pandemic showed us that we’re entering an age of pandemics, and we need someone who has a science-based approach to public health in charge of the various organizations who deal with pandemics… :woman_shrugging:


While it’s obvious the US voting system’s peculiarities incentivize strategic voting, you guys do realize that you’re shaming a person for stating they would vote for the candidate they consider suited best for the job, right? I find that absurd, but maybe it’s just my naivete, believing all that democracy propaganda they’ve been feeding us.

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Basically yes, though she doesn’t like the label. She’s terrible in a lot of ways and would have been a much worse President than either Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden. Most people don’t know just how bad she is because the media doesn’t spend as much time reporting dirt on candidates who are unlikely to be viable candidates in the race. As a result, some people are naive enough to believe that this means their third party candidate of choice is inherently less corruptible or problematic than the major party candidates.