Black mom wins $2m settlement after being dragged from car and beaten by Philly cops who then posed for photo op with her "rescued" toddler

New taxes will give police the opportunity to try their takes on small room[eats hand]


I have no words to express the rage and disgust. They almost couldn’t be more villainous. I hope the truth of what happened backfires HARD against their propaganda efforts and that this incident is shoved in the face of anyone who shared the tweet.


What’s the mechanism by which settlements like this are paid out? ARE they even paid out, or do legal shenanigans perpetually delay the disbursement until the recipient passes away or throws up their hands in frustration? I almost never hear any follow-up on these judgements.


“We are not your enemy,” say the police, in a situation that actually proves the opposite.
“WE ARE the only thing standing between Order and Anarchy,” say the police, standing against Order.

The police, once again making the best arguments for police reform and defunding.


Oh please, please tell me that officer holding that dear child was doing so for no other reason than sheer humanity, and didn’t know she was participating in a twisted photo-op.



If I said it once, I’ll say it again. ACAB.

All Cats Are Beautiful, or something along those lines.

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From the FOP Propaganda Photo:
This child was lost during the violent riots…
Starting off with a lie, eh? One would expect no less from you people.
We are not your enemy
Oh, maybe not all of you; but when the barrel iteself is rotten…
We are the Thin Blue Line.
The last time I checked, every damn one of you are EMPLOYEES. Nothing more.
There is nothing special about the costume you wear to work.
And WE ARE the only thing standing between Order and Anarchy.
Except when the Proud Boys, etc. show up, eh?

This was a headline on Drudge this morning:
Gangs Infiltrate L.A. Sheriff’s Dept…
My first thought was: ‘How could they tell?’
This is a Rolling Stone article & is about various internal gangs in the LASD:
At least four “secret cliques or gangs” of sheriff’s deputies — with names like the Banditos and the Executioners — continue to operate and recruit within the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, despite recent reforms intended to ban them.

The barrels are beyond rotten.
Too bad the fines aren’t taken out of the coffers of the police union.


I can’t do that; it would be a lie.


Notice the caption on the photo op:

We are not your enemy. We are the Thin Blue Line. And WE ARE the only thing standing between Order and Anarchy.

Since the responses here basically write themselves, I’ll just suggest that a [citation needed] tag would be appropriate here.


“Yes we know, all cops aren’t bullies. The ones who aren’t are just willing to tolerate/protect the ones who are.”

Which makes them complicit in those crimes.


Most police violence settlements take the better part of a decade to pay out because of endless appeals, but some of the most high profile, like this, get payed out quickly to avoid the chance of more news cycles. In that case it only takes a couple years.


Theoretically, sticking taxpayers with the bill should be a strong motivator for the taxpayers to demand change and accountability from their public servants. Unfortunately it usually doesn’t work out that way in practice.


Much like corporate fines, these settlements have been chalked up to “just the cost of doing business.” They haven’t served as real deterrents. In the past decade, Chicago has paid out a half a billion dollars and New York close to $2 billion. The staggering $300 million annual police settlements in the US is only ~1% of the total money budgeted to police in this country.

The Marshall Project has been trying to determine what impact, if any, the settlements have on policing


Shuck> [police, making the best arg. for reform and defunding.]

I think there’s some kind of long route to what would be the internal dialogue you’re talking about? A chorus comes back sounding dissonant to the first impression at some point, and there’s the moment. Making it have the reward of having allocated the public trusts proudly is next…that or denying having done it in reports, I don’t crack out the schedules [no, there’s .Net based disintermediation software for that! DA Gratifier 23.06.2 anyone]?

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Two rules to live by in today’s America:

  1. Don’t ever go to court.
  2. Don’t ever call the cops.


Here I’m thinking just $2m?

Why do the police not need to get permission to use someone’s photo like this?

Welcome to America, where apparently kidnapping is legal.

It occurs to me that saying these cops stand between order and anarchy is also something an anarchist might say, with it serving as an example of why this sort of order is not at all the preferable option.


Happy she got some justice and remuneration for her ordeal, but the police aren’t paying for it. This coming out of city funds put aside for this crap. So taxpayers are footing the bill for police misbehavior. It should be coming out of their pensions, it should be coming out of their overtime hours. And more of them should be getting fired as a result, too.

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