Black mom wins $2m settlement after being dragged from car and beaten by Philly cops who then posed for photo op with her "rescued" toddler

Correct, and that’s because these fines don’t actually impact the police at all. The money from these settlements comes from funds cities put aside for this sort of thing. The money should come out of the cops’ pension funds.

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Don’t forget crossing guards, delivery drivers, farmers, and garbage collectors…all more dangerous than being a LEO.


It actually probably isn’t something you would hear most anarchists say, even if the sentiment would be shared. Anarchy is order is a slogan that dates back to the writings of Proudhon and is believed by many people to be the inspiration for the iconic circle A design. It is also the name of a literature distribution project, a relatively widely distributed pamphlet, and inspired the title of a few academic books on anarchism.

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