Black officers say racism is endemic in Capitol Police

Don’t mind me, just adding to the pig-pile…



Thank you for posting the link to the ProPublica article!

eta: it appears they spoke to BuzzFeed, too


Since Frankenstein’s monster, nobody has ever been more shocked than I am at this moment.


We are going to need to do a denazification program at some point in the near future…



I love me some RTJ! The new album is just fantastic!


Unless you are a child or have lived in a cave since the previous election, you knew this! You knew this is how people - not just cops - but a whole huge amount of the US population voted for Trump out of pure racist/sexist spite. Not a black man, not a woman, proud to be an asshole - yeah he’s getting my vote!

If there were true justice, things would be going down immediately - Firings, jail time, etc. But politics is a game that we have shoved in our faces but really can’t do much about. Trump should be arrested, everybody that’s a politician tweeting their support of him should be arrested, I mean they’re just playing fucking games with each other and we have to stand by and watch. Oh and we get to vote once in a while.

All I hope for is this Covid shit to gets taken care of ASAP so I can go back to living a life without a mask and enjoying the things that I want to enjoy. The people obsessed with party lines can jerkoff over that as long as they want. It’s like football or baseball at this point, who fucking cares. They really don’t.

If there is true justice, Trump will be arrested before the 20th and not able to pardon anyone. I would be floored if anything close to that happens so I definitely won’t hold my breath. Because at the end of the day all politicians know they can’t have one side without the other and the dissonance is what keeps the whole stupid game going


I know this is a little OT, but I just had to post it somewhere and this deals with the same issues.

Taken today in the Capitol rotunda:

This is brought me to tears.

Twitter link for those inclined to look through the rest of the images:


Damn, even the freakin’ statues show racial bias, just looking at the different materials they were created from…


My fear: 20k armed guardsmen at the inauguration, and it only takes one who is super disgruntled. Cleaning up the ranks cannot happen fast enough.


See Anwar Sadat, Indira Gandhi…


I have heard persistent rumors that water is wet, fire is hot, fish swim, and cats catch mice. I’ll need more evidence before I believe those.


Something occurs to me, and I’m not sure which option is the more disturbing: that the Capitol police, at the heart of our democracy, aren’t given any more scrutiny, in terms of weeding out unsuitable officers than regular police forces, or they are given more scrutiny, and they’re still this bad.

Given where Secret Service agents come from, and the identical problems they must have, I find myself surprised that Obama survived eight years in office, frankly. I’m guessing someone was doing a whole lot of extra work to make sure Obama didn’t get killed - either through action, or more likely, inaction - by his own security.

The glaring flaw in that plan is that the people most at risk from these guys already want police reform.

And yet they did - an organized effort to infiltrate law enforcement organizations. Which indicates just how bad things are now.



So a typical American police force, in other words.


It strikes me: the Capitol Police are surely not a big force. You could recruit only people of colour for this particular force, and probably weed out all the racists and nazis. The idea strikes me as nasty, because I don’t like the idea that there are jobs that only people of colour should do. But this should be a high status job, so maybe it is okay. In the short term at least.

There have been a bunch of young women leading countries lately. I wonder whether their success is because they could not go to the ‘right schools’ and ‘right clubs’ and get all the contacts and obligations of the ‘old boy’ network. Vote in your unempowered: not because it’s fair, but because they are probably better and more independent (IMHO).


This story reads a lot like what happens whenever a black politician or sports figure or wealthy person is harrassed by police, and there’s a brief flurry of media attention where the cops have to pretend this is some kind of anomoly.

But because it’s just one incident, and because no one was shot, and nobody’s status was permanently threatened, the noise dies down until the next time, and it’s not considered relevant to connect the dots.

But this time, it isn’t just a single rich black man feeling police wrath. The entire country had the audacity to elect a black man president 12 years ago, and these racist fuckers are not going to let them get away with it! And if it means putting the entire concept of democratic government at risk, these assholes are determined not to be the ones who lose this game of, “chicken”.

Turns out congress isn’t really safe when it’s being protected by racist thugs. I hope the rest of white america gets the same memo.


The link to a ‘Propublica’ article goes instead to Buzfeed - is there a Propublica article out there, or is that just a typo?

Here it is:


I wonder who will be the Designated Survivor for this shindig? :frowning:

Nancy Pelosi, hidden in a cave with AOC guarding her.


Neat. I was curious as to the history of the statue and looked it up. It’s bronze on a raven black granite pedestal and weighs about 2700lbs. It was unveiled in 2013.