Britain's "equalities" minister tells school teachers they must out kids to parents

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This is another variation on what right-wingers have twisted into the so-called “parents’ rights” movement (AKA the war on LGBTQ kids and reality-based education). It also seems that Ms. Badenoch is yet another self-deluding kapo who thinks she’ll be spared whatever the Tories have planned for women and PoC.


Tories: the Party of Creepy Sex Pests and Abusers. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


When Badenoch was standing in the last shit show - sorry Conservative Party leadership contest - she booked a venue with gender neutral toilets and had her team relabel them ‘Men’ and ‘Women’.

She’s also legislated to ensure all future public buildings must have gender specific toilet facilities:

Kemi Badenoch is a thoroughly nasty piece of work - which unsurprisingly makes her a hot favourite for the next time the Conservatives need to lurch further to the right.


Sorry Kemi, but the province of New Brunswick in Canada has beaten you to it.
Policy 713 - Wikipedia.


She also has no comprehension of what already happens in schools. This sort of guidance exists merely for the performative cruelty aimed at the political base (and the tabloid press) and will be largely ignored by teachers (and especially head teachers) who actually live in the real world.


Whatever she does/says is all always an overt dog-whistle to the Tory right (i.e. members in local associations). She has ambition and thinks her colour is enough of a difference to let the members ‘prove’ the Tories can be diverse, while electing as party leader a very nasty ultra right-winger who can get away with it with the voters.


I think the weirdest part of Badenoch is her age. She’s 43 years old.
That means her homophobia is neither a consequence of her being rather old, i.e. spending her formative years in a time when sexuality was kept in the closet, nor is it due to her being too young and not yet have been exposed to people living happily in same sex relationships.
She grew up in the Greater London area and has had a fairly successful work life, with studies and political activism on the side. She must have been to hundreds of social and workplace events where she will have mingled with completely open and out of the closet gay people.


Jeez, she’s awful.

Here in Scotland we’re slightly protected from shite like this, but only just. And I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before yet more devolved decisions are just vetoed from Westminster. It’s becoming quite a habit. Things might look less grim if there was an oposition who was willing to speak out against such nastiness, but…

Ugh, it’s all so depressing.


Kemi Badenoch specialises in being an “anti-woke” conservative Black person, so her homophobia is an ideological choice. In the US she would be fighting against “CRT”.

ETA: Her parents are Nigerian, so a socially conservative Christian upbringing seems quite likely.


Yeah, that was my first thought too. And she has that ageless look, which had me thinking she must be in her late 20s at the most. But when I realised that she’s a proper grown up with a perfectly respectable career behind her out in the real world, it’s becomes hard to get my head around how the bigotry from her upbringing (if our presumptions are right) remains undiminished.


Considering the horror stories that Dele Alli told about his childhood a few days ago, I’d say it is very likely.


Badenoch has yet to learn that we’re not meant to hear the dog whistle.


She’s also a self-confessed criminal having admitted to hacking into Harriet Harman’s personal website.


Kemi, like the rest of the ruling party fits very well into Bricktop’s definition of a nemesis…


She certainly is bad enough.


She doesn’t resemble her uncle very much

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You might be shocked to know that most, or rather all, prejudice isn’t a byproduct of age, but is an ideology that people are taught from a young age, and buy into.

We need to get over this idea that once the “old people” die out, we’ll be okay. These bigoted ideologies replicate themselves in various ways, and people make sure that their hateful worldviews are shared with those around them in a variety of ways. As long as hate makes it easy for the ruling class to keep the rest of us contained, and as long as some of it comes from the bottom up, it will be employed to keep control of society.


All true. Worth keeping in mind, though, when despair seems to hover everywhere, that the younger generation is overwhelmingly more progressive, more racially diverse, more LGBTQ+ and probably most important, far more likely to know and like people who are all of the above. Are there Gen Z Nazis? Of course there are, and I don’t think they will ever entirely die off. But the kids are much less so, statistically, than your generation or, even more so, mine. Part of why the fascists are so desperate now, every day Boomers die off and Gen Z voters age in. They are doomed, in time, unless they freeze the picture right now.


Agreed, the kids are mostly alright… but that doesn’t mean it’s a problem solely of “old people”… plus, people can and do change their politics. I’ve never bought into the idea that young people are always “progressive” and become more conservative with age… after all, at the same time the youth counter culture was taking place, there was also a youth-centered conservative movement gestating (Young republicans). And plenty of modern conservatives in both the neo-conservative movement and even in the MAGA movement claimed to have previously been on the left.