Broadway star Patti Lupone shouts at anti-mask Karen in audience: Put on the mask or "get the f*ck out!"

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Don’t mess with Patti when she’s on stage.

[From what I’ve heard, the quality of her performance in this production of Company rivals that of Elaine Stritch in the original.]




Any friend of Randy rainbow, is a friend of mine. Nice going Gal, I like your work.


I went to NYC once, and I saw an off Broadway performance of a one man Star Wars show. It was really good, but like 2 times the dude stopped things because some asshat was filming.

I swear, it’s like people think rule and decorum don’t apply to them.


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“I pay your salary” is such a roundabout way of saying “I see you other humans as props in my world.”


That and just because your business funds the company, you don’t get to make up the rules or how they do something.


No, they do not.
I see a lot of live shows (music) and have since I was a kid in the 80s. Like from that time till pre-pandemic, I bet I averaged twice a month. In the last decade the fucking loud talking, man… It’s insane. And I will absolutely call that shit out. ESPECIALLY when it’s a quieter show with acoustic instruments. My general comment is “how about we TALK less and LISTEN more?”
We saw Billy Strings recently (killer show) and these two dolts were fucking chattering behind me about whatever was on their mind. I turned around and gave them my line. One of the dudes was like “excuse me, what did you say?” I repeated myself. His friend jumped in and was like “you know what, you’re right, sorry man”. Tough guy started in “what, we can’t talk?” I asked him what’s the fucking point of buying a ticket to a show if you’re going to sit there gabbing? They finally STFU.


Yeah, I don’t understand folks who go to concerts to have conversations. It’s rude to the artists and the other concert goers. If I owned a venue, I’d set it up to have a performance focused section and socializing focused section. The socializing section would be behind glass similar to the crying baby areas in some churches. Put a bar back there and pump the music and they can jaw away to their heart’s content without disturbing the other attendees.


I don’t often go to movies these days, because…the world…but when I do, I miss Alamo Drafthouse so much. It was so nice not having to worry about somebody who clearly wasn’t there to actually watch the movie being distracting with the blue glow of their cell phone screen. Like, I get it. Sometimes you don’t care about the movie, you’re just there with your kids/spouse/date/friend and they want to see the movie. But that phone glow ruins it for those of us there to see the movie. And those goes for any distraction, whether it’s a phone, talking, or wearing your mask as a chin strap. It does the same thing. It pulls you out of the moment. It pulls you out of the story and the experience you’re there to have. When I go to a movie, the theater, a concert, whatever, I’m often looking to have an experience completely separate from the rest of my life, where I have no worries. All of this kind of shit just ruins that.


Yeah, I like the Drafthouse too, even if the staff Naruto running through the aisles with food can be a bit distracting, and the patrons can’t seem to understand that there are lights under the tables, and you don’t need your phone flashlight to see the menu. I’ve had so many good experiences because of their “no talk, no text” policy. I just wish the onus wasn’t on me to report the offenders. Yes, the patrons of the Drafthouse probably wouldn’t be the type to retaliate, and would probably just put their phone away for good after the first warning, but I still feel uncomfortable about the whole thing. I also don’t know what the alternative would be.


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Right it’s disrespectful all the way around.
I’ve had people argue this point with me before and I will die on that hill. My take (and yours) is the correct one. End of story. Anyone that thinks otherwise is wrong.


I especially love the talkers who start chatting before the show begins or between sets and then TALK LOUDER so they can hear each other over the music.


“Bullshit. Chris Harper pays my salary.”
Here endeth the lesson.


I’ve only seen Elaine’s performance on the film of the making of the cast album and her later tours, but I’ve seen Patti in this production and she is a force of nature.

If you can, go see it!


We had a couple of 65+ men having an argument in front of us at the latest Sparks show in Seattle. One of them clearly took his lessons in facial expressions of incredulity from an ochre former chief executive, which made it even worse.



That is all.


I recall desperately WANTING a mask in early 2020 for a flight that was sure to have others who had contact w COVID + folks. But our (at the time) infantile presidnyet pretended we were all hunkey dorey. COVID sucks and has killed MILLIONS! wtf people!!! wearing a mask says “I care about you. I care about me. I care about that other person’s grandma!”

How selfish to think your convenience is more important than ANYONE else’s life. Sickening.

After getting COVID we spent months making masks and giving them away. Friends, family, strangers.

Go Patti!