California police detain Bob Marley's granddaughter for staying at an AirBnB while Black


Trigger Warning: stern push back against assertion of white privilege

White woman calls cops on black family who barbecued in Oakland Park's barbecue area

Unfuck her fragility.


The next day:



Not angry enough yet? Watch the AirBnB host blame the victims at a press conference.



Why did the Rialto police need so many cops and a helicopter? Why are people calling the police because someone was perceived as being rude.?




An exercise none of them will have the courage to sincerely perform is this. If the neighbor had sicked the cops on white AirBnB guests, they’d be labeled paranoid and blamed for wasting police resources, and those who would defend the neighbor and host in this case would instead condemn their behavior.

If the roles had been reversed, with white guests and POC host and neighbor, provided the not-at-all-certainty that the cops didn’t arrest or shoot the neighbor instead, the people defending the neighbor and host in the case would instead excoriate them.


It’s both. Intentional conscious racism is enabled by the vaster, insidious and far more powerful status quo of unconscious and systemic racism, including by people who believe themselves immune to bigoted prejudice and consider themselves on the side of the victims.


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