Can you spot the communist at the Banco Nacional Português?


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I heard this guy was also in charge of security at the Tory Party conference this week…


my bet is on the elderly knitting lady


They are here in the forums!


Wouldn’t be surprised, they were first in the queue for the public gallery in the French Revolution.


I feel I’m missing some context …


Better lock everybody up, just to be safe.


It was plainly Puto Perdiz (the sidekick).

He’s wearing a Green clearance uniform - yet is taking training from an inferior Yellow clearance officer! That makes no sense unless he’s a treasonous commie!

Fortunately for our Yellow clearance friend, four Yellow clearance troubleshooters - disguised as Red clearance, but clearly determinable by their Yellow clearance weapons - were nearby to help him apprehend this Commie Traitor.

We can only hope he survives capture so that he can enjoy his well deserved re-education and a new chance at life as an Infrared citizen! Perhaps working happily and productively as reactor shielding, or possibly at the Armed Forces target ranges catching valuable napalm shells to reduce our budget expenditure.

Thank you, Friend Computer, for this educational presentation. I shall remain vigilant against the Communist menace that Alpha Complex faces. My temperament is buoyed by your friendship, wisdom, and protection!

*smiles as hard as he can*


You got me.


That scene made me flash back to when I lived in Portland and banked at a place called Umpqua. They had some kind of knitting group out of the bank and they would meet there after hours to drink and knit. They also had movie nights in the bank. And, because it was Portland, the free coffee was actually very good. I would sometimes stop in just to get a cup.

I just googled it to see if they still do that and found this article:

Yes, that’s a yoga class on the floor of a bank.


I have not nearly enough Like Rations this week.


The end of the video definitely made me lol. A+


Isn’t this method pretty much the same way libruls and repubs identify each other over here?


It’s the baby of course.


I have no idea what you’re talking about…


Apparently Lenin is a character in this.


Eh… “action”?

The movie is, clearly (and also because I searched it :P) a satire about Portugal fascism in the 60s.



Oh it was satire? Great, now I have to think about the entire clip.


No, elderly knitting ladies are always right-wing conservatives.