CBS All Access makes Star Trek: Picard free to non-subscribers

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Looks like they’re actually offering free one-month subscriptions to CBS All Access, so that’s all the programming they have (not just Picard) but only free for 30 days.


Oh, cool, it’s nice that we can check out everything else All Access has to offer, because the reviews I’ve heard about Picard are…not good.


I’m seeing two codes being thrown around here: GIFT and ALL

Is GIFT only ST, and ALL is, well, all?

This is a weird marketing push by them. You have always been able to get a 30 day free trial to the service. This isn’t some new thing they are offering at this time. As far as I can see, either code works. You still are giving them your CC info (signing up for the service) and will be responsible to cancel before your 30 day trial ends.


Weird. This life long Trekker is loving it. It’s definitely not TNG 2.0 feels more like a 5 part movie or one of the big Trek novels. But it is pure star trek nonetheless. Poignant in its social commentary, deep in its pathos and a rip roaring space adventure to boot. Fan service has all been done respectfully and it does well to respect previous canon yet forge ahead.


Definitely a Privacy sign-up.


I think it probably deserves watching to form your own opinion. Red Letter Media savaged it.

I tend to agree with everything they post, with the exception of enjoying ‘so bad they are good’ movies. Life is too short to watch flicks like Rock n Roll Nightmare in its entirety.

So - am giving it a pass based on this.


I am one of the rare breed who can’t stand RLM and find them to be a blight on society. Sorry you will be missing out on some quality Trek.


Yeah, this is definitely Movie Picard not TV Picard.


Which is still Picard no?

As the series progresses we actually see both Picard’s and how they deal with things. Chabon has done a great job with the character.

On the sign-up payment page it says “limited commercials”. Are there commercials when watching Picard via the trial period?

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This is marketing baloney.

They ALWAYS have 1 month free when you sign up with a credit card. This offer is limited to the version that has commercials, and you still have to cancel before your card gets charged for another month.

There is nothing new here, it’s just an ad.


So it’s the SAME thing CBS and all the other subscription services have offered since their slithered out of broadcast and into the internet to stream services?

You have to give them a credit card…and then remember to the millisecond when it renews so the CC doesn’t get dinged again.


Having just spent a very long five minutes listening to the RLM fellows for the first time, I find it hard to believe anyone enjoys them. But hey, you like what you like.


It has a respectable 7.9 on IMDB. I’m loving it.


This [Red Letter Media review] appears to be based on only the first episode, which I’d certainly say is not the strongest. Then again, I say “appears to be” because I find them so annoying I could not watch their entire review.

Picard, on the other hand, I’m enjoying thoroughly for all the reasons enumerated by @akbar5656. Plus, Michael Chabon is one of the writers!


There are more review episodes and they don’t get more complimentary. You should check them out to see how much you agree.

But none of it really matters- if you enjoy the show that’s all that counts.

Edit: much of their beef with the new show revolves around how little the writers understand Picard as a character. As mentioned above - this appears to be Movie Picard and not TNG Picard.

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A) Currently, they are offering 1 week free without the code. With the code you get 1 month.
B) The code works for both versions (with and without commercials)

I consider myself a Trekker from the original series initial run (yes, I am old). My favorite was always TNG. Picard is better.

Everyone watches ST for different reasons, and many are into it for the universe. I was always there for the feels. And by that measure, I love STP more.