Colorado’s shame Lauren Boebert is mad that “Prince John” is "taxing us into poverty"

Yep, she’s an awful human being. On a list of things for which she should be shamed as being horrible, I think it’s important to point out that getting pregnant as a teen and then going back to finish your GED, even if it takes 20 years, isn’t one of them.

Everything else . . . she’s garbage.


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Did they ever realize that reading was important? If so, it seems like a gradual rejection of literacy for the past 60+ years.

The right has always relied on dulling the people’s critical thinking skills as a strategy to make it easier to ram through their agenda. Having an uneducated populace makes it much easier to appeal to nativism and smoke/mirrors.



  1. I do wish people wouldn’t use wikipedia to back up their statements… but ok. No lies detected.

  2. She is complete trash.

  3. Maybe she meant Angry Johnny?


He’s my #3.

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Makes me wonder if she paid someone to take her GED.


(citation needed)


Estimates vary, but the biggest number I found bandied around was 6.5 trillion for the cost of all US adventures in the middle east. I found one estimate that, around 10 years ago, the cost of a residential photovoltaic system was about $50K. While obviously making some major assumptions, that would have been enough to do 130 million residential photovoltaic systems (the cost is far less today). I don’t know that it would have been enough to do both cars AND solar, but one or the other seems like it would have been possible.

What certainly would have happened if those investments were made 20+ years ago is that the costs of technology would have fallen more rapidly, the US would be a leading exporter of clean energy tech, and the world wouldn’t be experiencing the same awkward conversations about having to cut off Russian oil and gas exports.



Or even better, back in 1979, when Carter put solar panels on the White House (that Reagan had removed in 1981)


“a generation from now, this solar heater can either be a curiosity, a museum piece, an example of a road not taken, or it can be a small part of one of the greatest and most exciting adventures ever undertaken by the American people; harnessing the power of the Sun to enrich our lives as we move away from our crippling dependence on foreign oil.”


. . . is that we would have something a lot more tangible to show for it domestically, and Iraq wouldn’t have been razed with 100’s of thousands killed.


This version has the best music: Robin Hood (1973) whistle stop - YouTube


Ten years ago, my Colorado residential pv system cost 15,000$. With rising electric costs, the originally calculated 20 year breakeven point turned into about 9 years. When I sold that house 5 years ago, the amount that I added to the sale price for the pv array was 14,000$.


Please, can we stop using dropping out of HS because a woman became pregnant as a reason someone is a horrible person? If if one doesn’t personally know anyone who had this life experience (I’m related to one, and am directly acquainted with two others), this is just straight up mysogyny.

Is Bobo a hypocrite for not supporting programs, policies, and legislation that would allow women is this situation to more easily get their GED? Sure, let’s focus on that. But enough slut shaming, even of deplorable people, please.


I don’t think that’s the point that @Brainspore is making though… he’s pointing out her hypocrisy of holding others to a higher standard than herself. I don’t think he’s saying that the problem is that she took that long or that she got pregnant at a young age, but rather she condemned others for the same thing.

I also don’t think that he’s slut shaming her either.


As @Mindysan33 correctly ascertained I was never slut-shaming her, I was calling her out as the disgusting hypocrite she is.

She wasn’t able to resist the allure of premarital sex? That’s fine, just don’t support legislation that pushes abstinence-only sex education or shames teens for having sexual identities. Becoming a mother turned her life upside-down and pushed back her educational goals for 17 years? That’s fine, just don’t attack Pete Buttigieg for taking family leave.

She’s a garbage person who has a “fine for me, not for thee” attitude and deserves to get called out for it.


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They always do this shit. They want to regulate the morality of everyone else, and then do whatever they want.


That’s exactly how public/private innovation should work. The Government channels money into broad-scope R&D, private enterprise gets access to the results, the public gets access to bleeding-edge tech, there is newly-minted wealth for the entrepreneurs that take the risk in an untested industry and the entire country moves forward together.

Of course, the way that dumbasses like Musk operate is to take that research and file numerous lawsuits to keep it out of potential competitors hands, then demand municipalities and states pay them to do business in their area (fer jerbs!!) and then go on twitter to whine about how oppressive the government is to innovation.

Oh, hey looky here! Evidence:

Oh, I forgot a step; wring every cent out of your customers and frame it as taking a stand against unfair taxation (of which you pay $0).