Comey Hearing Bingo (Update: random variations option)


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Wait, are we supposed to be filling this out based on the congressional hearing, or Trump’s live-tweeting of Comey’s testimony?


Those would be distinct games, but both equally entertaining :wink:


A toast for every use of ‘salacious’.


Are we playing for any five in a row or blackout?

(Five in a row; “Impeachment.” Blackout; “Conviction.”)


What, no “loyalty” box?


Forgot the boxes for “gosh”, “golly” and “gee whillikers”.


Ha – we made one at work today too! 18 boards, so you can play with friends.



What did The Keebler Elves ever do to you. They just want to bring you the gift of cookies.


No, that was the Neil Gorsuch Edition bingo card.


I’m surprised that so many people are getting popcorn ready for this (including advertisers). I’d bet a mint it’s going to be boring, and that no “shoe” is going to “drop.”


Where’s the “straight shooter” space?


Even if we win at Bingo, we lose. Even if there’s a shoe, a smoking gun, or anything else.

Closed session would be interesting, but I am unwilling to do what it takes to be in the room when that happens.


Agreed. If there were likely to be any truly damaging bombshells in Comey’s testimony, Trump & Chumps would have blocked it via executive privilege. I still wish I could watch it. I’m stuck at work, no TV for me. :worried:


If you’re stuck at a computer, you can at least listen in. PBS is livestreaming.


Nope, I’m checking my phone on a quick break. The store computer can’t access PBS, or anything outside work. :rage:


That sucks.

Nothing juicy has happened yet, but my bingo card is closer to blackout than I would’ve expected in 45 minutes, 15 of which hasn’t even been testimony.


Just found the hearing on NPR radio. :slight_smile:


If it’s a drinking game, we’re going with Blackout.