Condoleezza Rice on Capitol Riot: "It's time to move on"

Really, what the fuck kind of argument is that? If you could use it for Jan 6, you could use it for anything. “I’m sorry your family were all murdered, but we’re not going to do anything about it, it’s time to move on. We’ve got to live, you know. I mean, not your family obviously, as they’re dead, but the rest of us.”

“It was wrong but not, you know, in a serious way that we should do anything about.”


If she’s a sociopath, (and I strongly suspect that she may be) then such things don’t even matter to her.


Unlike many of her fellow Republicans, she doesn’t have the excuses of ignorance or skin and gender privilege to explain away this repulsive statement. It’s deplorable even by the rock-bottom standards of the GOP establishment.


She’s just another one towing the line…

These are current gQp talking points for midterms. “Ohhh it’s all Joe’s fault!”


True, but she’s brought it up enough that she at least acts like she cares about it… could be calculated on her part. It was a shocking bombing.

But I guess as long as she’s got hers… :roll_eyes:


All lip service. Nothing these assholes do or say really surprises me anymore:


She’s the head of the Hoover Institute. Isn’t dissembling and pushing right wingnut talking points her entire job description?


Isn’t The View starving for ratings? Looks like Megan’s Revenge. A little Wingnut Propaganda right? Condi is one evil “human” but these talk shows are worse now. Being a megaphone for this garbage isn’t helping anybody but the network. Well, and the gQp, it’s their propaganda…


You should have walked away from Condoleeza Rice years ago.
She’s one of those people eager to send the children of the working class off to die in foreign countries. You remember. What was Iraq for again?


Kenan Thompson Reaction GIF by Saturday Night Live


I don’t watch this show, but the fact that the audience applauded after the, “but past will be prologue if we don’t deal with this,” gave me a tiny lift in spirits.

Condi’s whole spiel that we can’t, as a nation, be working on multiple issues at once is bs and maddening. :rage:


I know it’s an oldie, but it is evergreen in these situations:

“Christ, what an asshole.”


Kinda funny when someone does something wrong, they want everyone else to just “move on” and “get over it”. But if they are wronged it is, “Never Forget™”.


JHC I just had to look. It’s like looking into Hell itself.

I need a drink.


It’s time to move on, in a lot of ways

One of the ways is I’ll move on when trump goes to jail for this.


Feels like they misspelled “Candace Owens.” Although I suppose we shouldn’t expect much better from somebody in the GWB cabinet.

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Yes, I think she’s smart enough to know that she’s done shitty evil deeds for shitty evil people and, in fact, is a shitty evil person herself.

However, I don’t think she thinks she has done anything wrong. She might admit to mistakes but I don’t think she stays up at night worrying about the harm she has inflected on other people. Cory Robin’s book about Clarence Thomas changed my mind about Thomas and I think much of his argument applies to Rice. The shorter is that they both have grafted radical Libertarianism on to a modified Talented 10th/Black separatist perspective. I think they think they are helping “their” race by becoming powerful and anything that smacks of social progress or anti-racism or whatever is bad largely because it depends on the good will of others and lessens their own access to power.

This may be too subtle of a reading of Rice (and Thomas) but I think it allows them to justify ignoring (or participating in!) various racist institutions, even if those very institutions hurt them along the way. Arguably, they are no more or less corrupt than your average Libertarian. High moral ground for Rice and Thomas means finding a place were they are insulated from dealing with the consequences of their actions (and, hey, high places are good for bombing).


Little known fact: Americans did not own kitchen tables during the three years she was supporting the Benghazi investigation.


This is ripe for the “Everything before the ‘but’” meme.


Almost as if we can’t be concerned with multiple things at once?