Congressman asks if women could swallow cameras for gynecological exams before abortion




Swallowed camera…

Leads me to a weird thought. Use ultrasonic transducers instead of a video cam, have a swallowable ultrasonography device.

Would it be doable with today’s (or early tomorrow’s) tech?


Wait. I got it. LIQUID CAMERAS! Then the camera will go to where the baby is! Or pretty close!


[from the AP article] “I was being rhetorical, because I was trying to make the point that equalizing a colonoscopy to this particular procedure was apples and oranges,” he said. “So I was asking a rhetorical question that was designed to make her say that they weren’t the same thing, and she did so. It was the response I wanted.”

So he wanted to look like an idiot? I guess some Republicans are more psychologically masochistic than I thought.


He sounds like a little kid whose poorly-thought-out prank backfires. “That’s what I meant to do, you’re too stupid to get it! Ha ha!”




“Fascinating. That makes sense,” Barbieri said, amid the crowd’s laughter.

Sounds like he knew the answer before he asked. That it fell flat with some audience is another thing. I’d forgive him that thing.

We don’t need to make politicos appear worse than they already are. They are doing good enough job.

I however disagree with his vote on the issue. The abortifacients aren’t exactly healthy, so I see the desire for closer medical supervision, but the alternatives are worse, double so under conditions of limited affordable access to healthcare.


Reminds me of this old groaner:


If that indeed is the case, I still don’t understand his choice of wording. He basically set himself up. If he’d just asked ‘Is it possible to visualize a pregnancy via remote camera?’ he would’ve still made his point and avoided embarrassment.


Yes. But few of us enjoy the luxury of never making a thought omission (aka “braino”) in a real-time conversation.


Citation needed regarding


In principle, anything that screws with hormonal levels this hard is not a walk through a rose garden.

Ask uncle Google.

Or here.

However to prevent misunderstandings in a topic where the discussion too often degenerates into the adversarial kind, I should stress that I consider them the least risky of the options. Just be aware of the risks of complications in the 1-3% or so cases and they won’t bite you so easily.


What do we expect? He hasn’t had any sex education!


This is what comes from a feller learning about female anatomy by staring really hard at his 4-H heifer.



Like, say, pregnancy.


Y’know, I have a suggestion for @codinghorror. As ambiguous as “Likes” are, I think there should be a second axis… Lols. So people could like something and lol it. That means you made a funny point, and I agree.

Or people could just lol. Let it be neutral. Or people could lol, with a dislike, which would be derisive.

But maybe it’s a stupid idea.

In anycase, You made me lol with a good point :grinning:


We asked around, and you know what happened, they sent us just binders full of women who could swallow cameras.


Ok wait, this is boingboing so I know everyone is famiiar with vagina dentata.

maybe he thinks the camera can be…uh…swallowed from uhm…man, that guy’s beard is super weird.


I believe at one point, bananas were suggested, so that one could indicate “just look at this.”