COVID-19 killed the Costco half-sheet cake

Recipes are not hard to find. Rose Levy Beranbaum’s Cake Bible is dependable, Bruce Healy and Paul Bugat’s Art of The Cake is encyclopedic reference for classic French-style cakes, Marcel Desaulnier’s Death by Chocolate Cakes has a lot of fun fancy party cakes, Alice Medrich’s Cocolat is just pure cake porn…I could go on.



Pffft. Sure a machine can decorate perfectly proportioned pieces of cake. However, in a tube cake pan crisis, you need a human. Rescuing lumps from a greased and floured pan, and then molding them back into a nicely decorated, cake-shaped treat with nothing but icing, toothpicks, and sheer determination* - that requires an artist! :woman_cook: :cake:

*or desperation, due to a lack of enough time and/or ingredients to start over again


Yeah, they aren’t hard to find at all, but my concern is that if you’re starting from zero, you might not recognize that they’re good recipes. Though it’s hard to go wrong with any French or Italian cookbooks with desserts, or really any serious cookbook at all.

Er… I can still get sheet cakes from my local bakery, if need be.

Can’t say I’d ever have bought one from Costco, even before the pandemic; that sounds rather… less than tasty.

And as y’all should know by now, I’m pretty serious about my cake.


Apparently the combo pizzas “aren’t coming back either”. Just pepperoni or cheese.

Source: the guy who handed me a pizza the last time I was at Costco.

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cake is for looking at

pie is for eating

Fear not.

There are alternatives.



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