Crackpot Arizona Congressman suggests Charlottesville was a left-wing orchestrated false flag operation


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“An Obama sympathizer,” the fuck?


Which kind of stupid is he? The kind that believes his own bullshit, or the kind that thinks that cynically repeating this nonsense won’t come back to bite us all in the collective ass?


It’s a very hot and dry heat in Arizona.


Just fucking stop! WTF? The left had fake racists so they had someone to protest against? o_0

Also - if George Soros or anyone is paying people to protest, I’ll carry a sign for what ever if you pay me enough. I can even make my own sign.


Noting his frequent use of weasel words (I’m sure he thinks he’s very clever), might I suggest placing the word “Cowardly” before “Crackpot” in the headline?

Actually, seeing the Soros comments throw in “Anti-Semitic,” too.


Can’t decide if Late stage capitalism or Christ what an asshole is more appropriate… I’m gonna come down on both with a bias towards WTF.


This interview is starting to get picked up here in AZ so maybe his constituents will see just how strong the crazy is in this one.


Someone should ask McCain for a comment to re-inforce that. He rolled over for a lot from Bush Jr. and Il Douche and the RNC, but has a history of calling out BS like this.



I suppose this congresscritter believes himself to be a ‘serious person’?


That caught my attention right away. What is going on in his version of reality?


I feel like we need a new phrase as malice, stupidity, and greed intertwine to form something that is altogether new and frightening.

Something that conveys “This is so stupid, greedy, and evil it actually will destroy us if I have to say this too many times.”


I’m gonna’ go with; Just look at it!


So, basically: Republican Congressman caught publicly JAQing off to images of white supremacst rally

Why does it seem like I’ve heard that as a headline already…?


The former, sadly. Arizona has a history of sorts for putting people like this in places of power. (See Even Meacham (impeached governer), Fife Symington (resigned after criminal conviction), and Joe “Sheriff Joke” Arpiao (no comment, needs to be re-convicted)


This is why gerrymandering is bad, folks. You get assholes like this. Not saying Arizona isn’t full of a lot of people who are into this lunacy, but they can be spread out a bit better. I say that because on the flip side, my dad (who is sadly one of the people probably backing this guy) is in a district gerrymandered to make sure most of the likely D-voting minorities are all contained in one area to make room for people like this.

On that note, this means I get to constantly hear about how his congressman is a Communist Mexican put there because apparently Mexicans will only vote for other Mexicans and the charges against Arpaio were trumped up and…

Ugh. On the flip side, I may need to move out there some day, which means my wife and I will turn the tide of a different district a little less loony by two people.


Doesn’t he look just like William F Buckley? I mean, not the way Buckley looks now, but back when he was nominally alive.


That’s why he looks so creepily familiar! I couldn’t put my finger on it.


When did the term ‘fact check’ become a bad word?