Culprit evades police in high-speed U-Haul getaway

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Re-read the story, noticed this was an Arizona truck and went “ahhh.”

Arizona, the state that doesn’t observe Daylight Savings, doesn’t observe MLK day (because, racist state) and pretty much is anti-federal government across the board.

Wouldn’t be surprised if they outlawed such restrictions to speeding since that would be treading upon your rights to, um, speed and all.

Also, this guy was most likely evading capture to avoid being sent back to the most racist state in the nation, which would surely deport him in a heartbeat.


UHaul also rents regular vehicles. Their typical moving truck is generally speed or power limited to ~70 MPH. This is an F150, or a standard consumer pickup. The photo illustrating the article was misleading, but when you said 100+ MPH and F150, it became clear. I am not aware of an F150 conversion into a moving van; IIRC, they used to use the E250 or E350.


To be fair, they’ve got “haul” right in the name. Kind of obvious, really. I’m surprised no one noticed before.


Hey, be fair – they were only racist until 2000 when they accepted MLK Day. It’s like the state’s version of having a black friend.

(Disclaimer: I’m originally from AZ, and half my family lives there. I don’t, for good reason – AZ Man is the new Florida Man)


[quote=“greg_codori, post:2, topic:96308”]Re-read the story, noticed this was an Arizona truck and went “ahhh.”

Arizona, the state that doesn’t observe Daylight Savings, doesn’t observe MLK day (because, racist state) and pretty much is anti-federal government across the board.[/quote]In fact, their permissive vehicle registration laws mean that most U-Haul vehicles have Arizona plates.

Thus, the presence of Arizona plates does not necessarily correlate with the lack of a speed limiter.

I want to know more about these circumstances in which police will “just give up”. I was not aware that was a thing that could happen. Isn’t it pretty easy to track a vehicle on a highway in broad daylight, and dispatch more vehicles to intercept?

I suppose we did learn the other day that putting out a spike strip might not necessarily end well.


Also, it’s a late [model year] F150, not the ‘last’ F150; not sure whose typo that was.

Wow, 100 mph from Santa Rosa to San Francisco? guy shouldn’t be arrested, he needs a medal or maybe a pro contract with Uber. “yeah officer I saw the whole thing, that guy was driving like a maniac in bumper to bumper traffic, maybe 10-15 MPH! It was insane! He ghosted thru that block like a phantom! And so handsome, I wish there were some merch I could buy or maybe a fragrance… so, viral… I mean virile”

(fade up yakkity sax music, video speed to 4X)


Love the “Smokey and the Bandit” clip. Just an FYI, that movie will be shown in theaters again on May 21 and May 24 for its 40th(!!) anniversary. Google it for local listings!


It may be that San Francisco does not allow high speed pursuit for purely safety reasons. I’m glad they gave up instead of potentially having a many-fatality accident.

I’d really like to hear them being called off over the radio- I wonder if they were so pumped up on adrenaline that they had to be yelled at or threatened, or if they were still professional enough and aware enough to ask for permission to continue pursuit across county lines.

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Didn’t they also refuse to lower the flag when Nelson Mandela died?

You made the right choice to leave.


50 miles from Santa Rosa to San Francisco

Twas a scenic get’away, methinks.


A Uhaul vehicle maintained well enough to make sustained speeds over 100MPH.



Uhaulin’ ass, amiright?


They didn’t “just give up,” they made the wise decision not to recreate the scene from Bullitt in a now even more densely populated city.

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Yeah, I thought everyone knew the “-Ass” at the end of “U-Haul” was implied.

ETA: Do’h! Mr. 44 beat me to it. Congratulations good sir, until the next time we meet…


The trucks arent limited on speed and the biggest is ford f 550 no f 150 pick up trucks

U wonder how many people are going to be looking for that truck. Not just law enforcement but u haul employees also and the liscense gave it away its not a pick up truck but one of the fleet trucks. Pick up trucks are not fleet u haul trucks

Steve McQueen could have pulled it off though.

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Was there a place for everyone to stop for coffee and donuts along the way?