Cybertruck to be officially delivered today

The decapitated head of the pedestrian maybe? It’s part of the trend for dangerously high front ends and poor front and peripheral vision which has been growing in recent years which Tesla, to be fair to them, hadn’t followed and are notable outliers on the roads (I’ve finally started to see them here in the last 2 years, still many more Hyundai electrics though, Leafs which had pretty much a monopoly until 2020 are falling off. As it were.) Add to the inability to see inconsequential things like pedestrians, wheelchair users, the occupants of prams, and cyclists, to the extremely and unnecessarily high bonnet (like what the fuck is in those things?) which kills people, the very high weight of electric vehicles, and the fact that this is exacerbated in this case by the choices in the design - the car is way bigger than it needs to be for any other purpose than being big - and the poor choice of material (top tip: because it’s such a poor material for fabrication of panels and the subsequent gaps it will be stainy steel) this machine’s design is homicidal.

So yay decapitated children is an aesthetic I suppose.

It’s a crime that auto manufacturers are allowed ignore safety regulations with WankPanzers. It has undermined decades of gradual improvement in road safety even while we maintained a car centric, streets are for car manufacturers to externalise their costs, not for people, paradigm.

This car is fugly in ways that make me furiously angry.