Dee Snider and Ted Nugent back Paul Stanley's claim that gender-affirming care is a "sad and dangerous fad"

Yes, well, it is a good thing that there is no crucifixion going on here. Perhaps we should clarify what the word “crucify” entails, because this ain’t it. This isn’t even burning in effigy.


They had fuck all to do with being trans positive. Especially Ted fucking Nugent.


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What? no. I know they’re not being allies of trans rights. Gah. My statement was “These people are allies on X, even though they’re not on Y.”

I’m sorry it’s so hard to get my very narrow point across, and that’s just on me. It’s simply this: these people have been allies of queer rights and people in the past. I’m just saying don’t be revisionist and declare them to have never supported queer rights ever, just because they’re totally wrong on this issue.

Clearly my point was too narrow, and shouldn’t have been brgouht up.

And that’s specifically why I was said, in the part you quoted, queer-positive. Ok, I get it, I shouldn’t have tried to make a narrow point about that.


But they are NOT.


Again, making money off a group is not exactly being allies. It’s far easier to perform for a group in the past, and take their money than it apparently is to listen to their current concerns and reject the fascist attacks on them.

Right here, right now, they are wrong on this issue. I’m not sure WHY it matters so very much to make this narrow point, given what is happening to real people right now.

Well, so long as you’re point is across who cares about the actual topic of yet more rich and powerful men shititng all over trans people and dismissing their very real concerns about their welfare and safety. That is, after all, the real issue here… /s


“ Nugent continued: “And now parents are fighting back because as the media and government lies through their teeth — every hour of every day — claiming that the bill in Florida is ‘Can’t Say Gay’ (sic) bill. The word ‘gay’ doesn’t exist. The bill is about giving parents the parental right, the most instinctual, clear and present parental right to guide and nurture and educate their children and avoid strangers to indoctrinate them as early as kindergarten. And they call it ‘Can’t Say Gay’ bill. Nobody ever said anybody can’t say gay. It’s about parental rights.”


I loath that man. Just… really hate him. God, he’s such trash.


“Parental rights” like adopting a minor in order to have sex with them, Ted?


Oh my god, I’m not defending Ted fucking Nugent.


Maybe your post shouldn’t have decried the overly purist left, as if insisting on humanity for everyone was some kind of fault. The rest of your point dissolved in that fast.


So, kinda like this group?


You made a broader point that included us - that simply was false. And functioned as an apologia for their transphobia and a critique of calling them out for it.

And frankly it was off topic. Who cares if they like Latinx people but don’t support other brown people.


Boggles the mind how such antiquated former pop stars still have any sort of platform.

I mean, does anyone under 40 even know who these people are?

Who the flack cares what they think?

OK, rant over, I’m going back under my rock.


Seriously. My father in law sold cocaine in gay bars in the 70s, but was in a happily straight marriage. Does that make him a pioneer? He just went where the crowd was good and the money was.


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It’s unreasonable to issue statements about groups you don’t belong to who are under horrific attack in your country while knowing shit all about them.

And without talking to them. That’s transphobia- not even speaking to groups you’re deciding you’re an expert about. Piling on during a pogram. Encouraging those trying to eliminate us.



Three old garbage talking dudes who really should just fade into the has-bins of history instead of struggling to remain relevant in today’s world.


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Maybe people are burying their heads in the sand about this. Maybe people want to talk about Dee Snider and Paul Stanley are queer icons, but I am not going to stay around for that conversation, just like I would not stay around for the Is Ernst Röhm a Queer Icon? conversation. If you want to burn bridges then you don’t get to stay on our side of the river.