Deer semen as currency


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I always get sticky fingers when I’m around any kind of currency.





Wow, prison life is harsh.


groping for spare change takes on a whole new meaning


Texas is a “closed border” state so deer are not allowed to be imported.

Well, even Texans must know that out-of-state deer cross their border like it’s nobody’s business and mate with Texan deer, unless they think that the deer pile up at their border and do a line dance.


I was going to make a buck joke, but I recall doing that for this same topic. Deja-rire?


screw blockchain and crypto currency - I’m investing in Deer-Jizz

seriously? even with the entire staff and readership, the whole community of Boing Boing? I doubt together we could MAKE UP something this awesome…

NOW - being from NE Texas - I do KNOW prize bull semen fetches big bucks - but? as currency?’s-the-most-expensive-semen/15/


Isn’t it time to impose sperm limits on House members?


In Texas, the Pixy-Sticks and Honey Straws are just a little… different.

It’s an acquired taste, or so I’m told.

This could explain a lot about Texas, really.


What’s in your wallet? :thinking:


Don’t blow your whole load on it. I read an article about a guy who tried to start his own business and lost his life savings, ending up homeless. It was a real deerjerker.


Is this the thread for the “2 male deer leave a gay bar” joke? Asking for a friend…


Typical politician, in the pocket of Big Deer Semen.


In context, out of context, who cares? That’s nasty.


All this time, I could have been harvesting white gold right in my own backyard.


Easy…bucks are hard. Come buy.


The market is perfect for it, really. While beer nuts are $3.99 a can, deer nuts are under a buck!


I wanted more than a hobby. I wanted a way to make the world a better place. Not just for deer, but for everyone.