Deposit "tips" that are actually fake money with Bible verses in the church collection plate


I’m tempted to start my own religion something centered around debauchery and lovecraftian gods. I’d leave behind eldritch tokens redeemable for free drinks at the temple/pub in addition to an actual tip. IF the local authorities say I can’t hand out coupons for alcoholic beverages I’d point them towards my first amendment rights or whatever the latest protecting freedom of religion bill happens to be.


The imgur comments (at least as far as I got through them) were refreshingly great!


Okay but its still unethical, its plain deception if its going to look like “$” and its not actually “$”


I dunno - “there is more to life than money” isn’t a horrible idea to perpetuate. But no way in hell should it be in exclusion for the socially mandated ritual of tipping for services that aren’t already properly paid. But, like I said, it is rather tacky. Not sure if I’d go so far as to say “asshole”.

I would be! Haha. Like I said it’s rather tacky, though there are philosophical lessons around money and happiness one can glean not just from Christianity, but from Buddhism and other religions. IIRC Buddhism says money is only temporary and holds no path to happiness. Of course having enough for the basics at least makes life easier and your happiness start on at least a neutral level.


If people decide that they prefer to define things by what they aren’t, rather than what they actually are, that dictionary isn’t going to be worth very much.


noun: troll; plural noun: trolls
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a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting.
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Regarding point #4, what if you are a natural disaster survivor having to seek shelter in a church. Said church opens itself up after a good public shaming, but opens up even though they don’t technically HAVE to.
Then is it ok to put the fake bills in the collection plate that they’re passing around?


At least that’s better than bullet casings engraved with hopes and prayers.


Look, Joel Osteen and other of these money based, scammy “mega churches” are a small fraction of the total number of Christians in America. If you can stand the skin crawling sensation while sitting there long enough (I am guessing they go on for more than an hour), then yes, this would be an exception.

I was referring more to sitting in some regular Methodist or Lutheran etc pew.


I love fake banknotes, I even have a small collection… I found one of those hanging from an ATM.


I’ll let you know when my landlord starts accepting “actionable advice for living” as a rent payment.


Not to mention how upset said customer would have been had they received an “ersatz” bill with a bible verse instead of their expected change. Just try THAT one time, and see what happens!


There are many, many, many suppliers of religious tracts.
You can also find $10, $100 bill, and $1,000,000 bill tracts.



Great! Here’s some actionable advice for living: don’t ever get caught without enough dollars, because life will then proceed to swiftly fuck you up.


Money may be a man-made construct, but we sure as fuck need it to survive in this reality.


If you put one of these things into a church collection plate you’re just being another variety of asshole, getting a kick from the smug assurance that you’re superior to all those other idiots. Assholery is assholery whether religious or secular.


Most of them are third rate “Viz” Top Tips


Where I live, for a while this flavor of Chick Tract was made to resemble a crumpled $5 bill, and regularly ‘distributed’ near where homeless people hung out. The only way I would find this excusable is if the flyer contained an invitation to one of the free meals for the indigent many churches regularly throw. After the first time I found one, any others I picked up went into the trash.


I spent the last couple summers removing refrigerators from customer homes to be recycled through a local utility program (read: old, heavy, filthy fridges and freezers). One particularly difficult job I recall required taking the doors off the customer’s fridge as well as interior doors from their hinges in the customer’s apartment, physically carrying the unit and doors through the apartment, multiple trips through the complex, etc. All the while the oddball customer hanging around with a weird anticipation in the air.

When my colleague and I finally finished and climbed into the truck’s cab, he ran forward to tip us with two bills and exclaimed that we “don’t spend them all in one place!” He waited around long enough to watch my reaction as I unfolded the bills to discover $2 million in fake US currency, then laughed at his own clever ruse.

I learned many things on that job, namely the value of hard work and not taking for granted the relative earning power of a college degree. On that day I learned restraint.