Deposit "tips" that are actually fake money with Bible verses in the church collection plate


I would have wiped my ass with it and then stuck it in his shirt pocket.


As long as you, rightfully, pointed out that the shellfish ban was for Jews, not Christians…


No, the bills you find in a monopoly board is literally monopoly money. Legal tender is figuratively monopoly money. I’d normally let it slide, but if your whole post is a semantics argument, don’t screw up “literally.”


You mean words don’t just arbitrarily mean whatever we want them to, depending upon how we feel on any given day???



The IRS taxes waitstaff based on the value of food sold during their shift. If you stiff a server, you’re stealing wages from them. We can collectively work on the long term goal of killing capitalism, but in the mean time, don’t stiff the waitstaff.

@foxwhowood: Not so much. A pastor who encourages parishioners to give fake bible dollars to food service workers instead of the tip (as I noted above) the IRS will be taxing them on anyway would be receiving in return that which they have already done unto others. Shorter, Jeebus no likey.


Aside from the excellent point you made, it’s just rude.

If someone doesn’t want to show any graciousness for the privilege of not having to cook or clean up after themselves, then they should just stick to eating fast food…


Gonna disagree with you there. Its up to the owner to pay a decent wage. Its not up to me to make up for the owner stiffing his own staff.


Maybe ask if your server is getting paid $2.13/hour before you order, then.


I don’t need to: they aren’t.


She’s coming at it from the North American context, where servers are often exempted from minimum hourly wage rules because “they make it up in tips.” That system sucks in many ways compared to what you see in Europe and other countries where employers are required to pay them a decent wage, but it’s not going anywhere here anytime soon.


I know all that. It’s a truly terrible system for everyone involved except the owner.


That’s your choice.

I’m not saying that ‘tipping is mandatory, no matter what!’; I’m saying it’s a sign of common courtesy.

If someone gets bad service or food and doesn’t tip, that’s understandable.

But if one gets good service/food and still doesn’t tip, that just makes that person an asshole, IMO. Just because the restaurant owner happens to be one too (for not paying a living wage) is irrelevant.


I say this as a former server who made $2.13 per hour, before tips, because that’s what 1/2 of the minimum wage was in my state at the time.


I bet you’re fun at parties.


I’m okay with calling it “counterfeit”


I only donate bills with Unitarian Founding Fathers on them to my Unitarian church. (Franklin’s mostly).


As I am part of the whole who has enacted the US system, and it’s broken playing field. I treat tips like a decency tax, paid directly to the person whose job it is to be decent to me. I stink at my job sometimes and still get paid for it, service persons should too. I’ll only not tip if I would get fired for treating a client the way I was treated by my server.

On anything under about 100 bucks, 20% is my minimum tip (and the math is so much easier). Over that and I may scale down to 15%. Anything less than 15% in the US is advantage taking on my part.

I’ve never made tips, but so many people I love dearly, do.


If there is only one currency people consider real (as contrasted against fake), would that not then be an actual monopoly?


“We”? Not me. But in the meantime, I tip fat.


Now imagine what you’d learn if the fake bills that guy handed you was your total take home compensation for that job.

Just imagine it!

Since when? The IRS taxes your tips as part of your regular income. As reported by your employer, or if your employer doesn’t report the tip portion by you.

Common practice is as follows. Since credit tips are recorded and easily trackable, these are reported in full on your w-2. As part of regular income rolled in with your hourly (which largely disappears to taxes so the tips are the whole shebang, I actually have a $0.00 pay check somewhere and the pay stub to match I kept for funsies). Cash tips are where it varies. Some places require you to record every cent, and they report it accurately. Witholding the taxes from your wage and credit tips. Some places will report a fixed % of cash tips based on sales, or a fixed whole number every pay period. And withhold it from your credit tips and wages. In corporate places this may be based on the tip average as generated by the POS system, or a percentage of food sales. Either way the goal is to report a number below the actual amount of cash tips. Most places, especially non-corporate places. Simply let you walk out with your cash tips, and leave it to you to report them to the IRS or not.

Withholding based on the food/drink sales directly. Or purely based on sales with no recourse to keeping it within the bounds of actual tips generated would be highly illegal. The IRS doesn’t look kindly on it. And over taxing restaurant employees often ends up with huge fines from the IRS and payouts to employees directed by the labor department. You’re paying your employees wages into the IRS in excess of whats owed and in the absence of evidence of income to justify it. Against their wishes. Its also an occasional method of garnishing tips. Your scum bag employer withholds more than he should, based on volume of sales. Claiming he has to because of all those tips you’re making. Then he just sort of doesn’t send that money to the government.

It isn’t exactly graciousness. Its usually the only compensation these people see. If you don’t tip you are basically telling a person that they don’t deserve to be paid for the work they just did. And relying on other patrons to pay them anyway.

The US government disagrees with you. FOH restaurant workers aren’t even typically eligible for the minimum wage here. Or sick time. Among other things.