Deposit "tips" that are actually fake money with Bible verses in the church collection plate


If there were only one currency, there could be actual accountability.

I’m not familiar with any global capitalists who want -that-. Accountability is for customers, not the smartest guys in the room.


This is one thing that never made sense. You get a $10 meal in a cheap diner with excellent service, 30% tip! $3. Crappy service at an upscale restaurant, only tip 15% for that lousy server who served your $75 meal! $11.25. So you pay almost 4x as much for awful service as you would for excellent service, just because of the menu prices. The myth that tipping rates are based on quality of service falls flat when we base it on a percentage of the bill.

Pragmatically, it’s what we ended up with because previous generations set it up, so we’re stuck with it until someone successfully eliminates it, but no part of it makes any sense whatsoever, so as long as it’s all babbling nonsense, really any argument from any viewpoint is relatively valid.

Back on topic, tricking people with fake money is obnoxious. If someone wants to give a nice quote, better to leave a fortune cookie. Or better - a fortune cookie, a lottery ticket, and a thank you note. Probably not what the server wanted, but nicer than a fake $20 smeared in holier-than-thou judgment.


My preferred version of giving back is collecting all your junk mail, then inserting it into the reply paid envelopes that often come with advertising and sending it back.


I don’t think the “unethical life hacks” are supposed to be funny. They’re supposed to be “life hacks” and be unethical…most of them succeed at that. Unethical things are pretty unfunny most of the time. Though people pick and choose which unethical things are funny and which are “that’s not funny” unfunny.


On a similar note, I found some honest-to-god neo-nazi propaganda tucked inside a library book which was the story of an ex nazi skinhead who had reformed. Marketing is all around us…


I have to agree with popbawa4u here. Legal tender is literal monopoly money. The issuing authority has the monopoly on money.

It is not literal Monopoly® money.


Well that just makes them a hypocrite (hardly surprising given that they’re already prepared to use people’s financial insecurity as a proselytising tool rather than actually helping).

Doesn’t mean that useful advice might not be worth more than money.

To be clear - I think leaving one of these instead of a tip is despicable. Leaving one with a tip is merely offensive.


Brings a whole new dimension to the phrase “Christ, what an asshole!”


Maybe it was being used as a bookmark by someone who was looking for a way out?


That’s the big difference, when I was working as a waiter (and barman, and dish pig etc.) I was getting more than minimum wage, so tips were just an occasional bonus. It wasn’t usually based on the level of service, rich people would tip to show off their cash, and nice people would tip to be nice. It was always easy to tell the difference.
We did love it when US tourists would come in and start tipping everyone though, even the barman just for pouring a drink!


Put it this way: in the US context, tipping is an ethical obligation.

But so is fighting for worker’s rights and a living wage, so that tipping will no longer be necessary.


Making serving staff rely on tips to top up low wages seems, to me, like a very American thing to do. One of the bad, “Very American” things; like cutting up rough over supplying a welfare state.


Well shit. I guess I was aware vaguely of some kind of weird internal conflict in the church around charity vs. social welfare, but I’d never really dug into it, but a quick google for “Judas socialist” led me on a bit of a dive. Oh internet, thanks for putting the insanity of man at my fingertips…at least now I understand why Obama is the antichrist.


My quick search led me to places where i won’t click.

I’m more familiar with these.





Do they do any saying, “One Empty Promise: redeemable at your local place of worship”?


I was under the impression that tipping wait staff was fairly common in most places. But yes, it is probably outdated and I have read article where a guy had two restaurants and made one where he increased wages and refused tips. That restaurant excelled just fine.


Tipping is. Making staff rely on the tips rather than paying them properly shouldn’t be.


In Oz, you might toss your spare change on the table as a tip for the waiter if you had a particularly good meal. That’s about it.

Tipping is never an obligation here, and nobody relies upon it as their main income. Waiters at cheap restaurants get about $15/hr.