Deposit "tips" that are actually fake money with Bible verses in the church collection plate




Money can’t buy happiness, but poverty can sure as hell take it away.


Those look like buckets rather than collection plates. I’d fill it with Jim Bakker’s Doom Potato Soup.


Just a few days ago I was thinking Ken Ham looks like a character I had seen in a Chick Tract 30+ years ago.


If you want to convert me to your religion, you won’t do it by fooling me with fake bills. Or telling me there’s something more valuable than what you thought this bill was.

You do it by tipping me well if I’ve done a good job, and by talking to me like a human being who has compassion and empathy instead of treating me like a servant. Or a lackey.


something about the combination of “doom,” “potato,” and “soup” makes me want to google a recipe.


Anything would be better than this stuff:


Sounds … chunky.


I can’t quite find the good one I read (I had thought AVClub, but no dice). But multiple places have done taste tests of the potato soup bucket. It basically sounds like a 5 gallon bucket of the cheapest sort of instant potato flakes. So less “chunky” than “bargain glue”.


Yeah, well, subjectivity doesn’t pay the bills.


What’s tricky is that subjectivity does create the bills. Most people approach money more as an unavoidable force of nature rather than the human technology that it is. Like a car being driven by the self-confirmed elites of a society, it does not cease to be a car simply because you or I aren’t in the driver’s seat. Money is a tool which can be used against the average person, and while that oppression feels rather concrete, one needs to come to terms with the subjectivity of how money is implemented to start controlling the system instead of being controlled by it.

If the masses fail to determine the basics of how wealth is symbolized, somebody else will, as they have done.


It’s a damn shame pseudointellectualism can’t be used as a currency.


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