'Detrimental to my election success': Trump blames 'LameStream Media' for coronavirus shutdown

Maybe we should have just nuked that hurricane after all.


Ooh. Maybe we can nuke coronavirus? Can we get some hack in a right wing think tank to print that up?


This Chrome extension goes a long way toward that goal, at least as far as his tweets are concerned. It’s made life over the past few years slightly more bearable.

As to the main article, it just confirms what we’ve known all along about his main priority in any situation: himself.


I don’t think your comment comes across as condescending (or elitist) at all. Most people who vote for Trump who are not wealthy have their reasons for doing so. It’s just that those reasons aren’t economic ones. And they are often not voting out of spite or racism.

Just because they vote against their economic self interest doesn’t mean they’re voting against their own interests. My sister (who makes very little money) will vote for Donald Trump in November, because she (seriously) believes that he is fulfilling a biblical prophecy and that her ascendance into heaven is dependent on that prophecy being fulfilled.

It often feels like my sister and I live in completely different worlds. But having her around has helped me better understand why people vote in ways that appear to be counterproductive. So my frustration and anger is rarely directed at the people doing the voting. It’s with the politicians and charlatans and media figures who use their megaphones to spread misinformation and to profit from it.

My sympathy goes to folks like my sister, but my blood really boils as I see the people in charge displaying contempt for those whose lives will worsen because of their actions, knowing that their core supporters will never blame them even as they suffer the most.


I don’t know how I would deal with my sister having beliefs like this. Unreal.


The best way to understand the relationship between Il Douche and his supporters is to understand that it’s that of the confidence artist and his marks. Mainly because he has in fact been America’s foremost public grifter since the 1980s, with everything he sells based in empty promises and snake oil.

I loathe con artists, but only have limited sympathy for those suckers to whose greed or selfishness (financial, spiritual, etc.) they appeal. I save my sympathy for the victims who fell for the scam because they’re desperate or just not mentally sharp.


I’ve been surprised I haven’t heard anything in regard to Covid-19 and end-of-times prophecy’s about global pandemics. But I no longer have any personal communication with that type of person. I would expect by now that some preachers would have made the news predicting the date and time Jesus will be picking everyone up in his hot rod. But so far I haven’t seen anything. With your sister’s condition, do you have any insight into their world in this regard?


My parents technically believe in the rapture and that all this stuff is just the end-times progressing.

But they have the decency not to espouse it.


Evidently Trump does not feel like he can act presidential enough in dealing with a pandemic.

Whereas an actual leader would try to take ownership of the shutdown and try to reassure the public, he is obviously actively looking to harm people to make life easier for corporations and billionaires.


Yup. Gotta throw grandma into the volcano to appease Mammon god of the economy.


With wars on drugs or terrorism he can tell macho people to go do macho stuff and then he can claim all the macho.

With wars on illness and poverty it’s all about empathy and I think you see the problem with that for Frump.


I take it personally. Trump is trying to kill off “Blue staters” like myself (NJ)

Pigfucker declared a Major Disaster Declaration for Texas, Iowa and Florida who combined don’t have the numbers of cases as NJ.




Right? I mean, if you look at all those Presidents who got monuments and cities named after them and had their faces carved into mountains the one common denominator was that they had to rise to big-ass challenges under difficult circumstances. Nobody gets remembered for how quickly they let everything go back to normal.


Imagine, though, if coronavirus just disappears tomorrow. Trump would look incredible.

That is not going to happen, obviously, but that’s the world of denial that many of Trump’s supporters are living in right now. He’s not wrong (yet).

Very, very soon though.


Not me, nor anyone I know.


It’s served him quite well so far. Our elected officials had a chance to impeach him, and they let him off.

Nothing will change until the people make it change.

Not likely. “Certainly.” The virus doesn’t give a fuck about a person’s politics.

Nope. It’s like the movie Groundhog Day with a twist. Tomorrow, any incredulity and doubt they may have developed resets and the are back to worshiping at his feet, while the damage he does rolls on and on.


here’s my dilemma. I know full well that a virus does not discriminate…it really doesn’t care about any social or economic status; however, sickness is discriminating…that is, the rich or well off with good health insurance and access to medical attention often avoid the sickness that can be devastating to the poor and economically challenged.

A pandemic can blow that out of the water…and possibly effect everyone equally awful.

But the very notion of seeing a significant portion of Nostradumbasses voting base be disproportionately adversely effected (like old white fox news listeners, poor middle country white people, evangelicals who feel prayer will save them)…yeah, I have a hard time not welcoming that possibility.

I hate that he brings these feelings out in me.


The House impeached him. The Senate acquitted him.


Far enough. But I feel like that’s splitting hairs.

Where does his ass sit at the moment? Still in the President’s chair (when he’s not fucking off to golf or goof) from what I can tell.

He was protected in a way that he should not have been by the Republican majority in Senate, in spite of everything against him, and we are all suffering for it.

I’m just hoping the wealthy old fucks in government can’t use their money and influence to wriggle their way out of a viral reckoning in some way the rest of us can’t.