Did all the buttons move on mobile?

Am I just losing my mind or did everything like the “like” button, etc shift to be right aligned? As a lefty, I find this change very irritating.

ETA yes, they all moved (verified on another Discourse site). It’s completely screwing with my muscle memory. Stop moving my damn cheese!


Funnily enough I automatically liked that with my left thumb which seemed more convenient.


Oh, great. Another “change for the sake of ‘consistency’ (that nobody asked for)”.


See also Mozilla’s constant need to change or deprecate useful features in Firefox that nobody asked for (the next major release is guaranteed to piss people off). Being able to stop an animated gif from playing with the escape key was a useful feature but no, can’t have that, install an addon - Animated gifs?


damn. here I thought I just dreamt that those buttons were left aligned. good to know they actually were over there and I am not losing it! :crazy_face:




Suggested edit: did all the buttons move on mobile?

This is now a feature in Discourse, long overdue because I don’t even know why*, but whaddaya gonna do? Click the animated GIF and it’ll stop animating. I definitely agree on this one. I wonder what the thinking was… why did esc behavior need to change in this regard?

For the mobile button shift in Discourse, at least you get a rationale as to why, posted upstream :point_up_2:

* Not deployed here yet, but soon!


Well that’s cool. I’ve used the SuperStop addon ever since Mozilla, in their infinite wisdom, removed this very useful feature. Reading the Firefox category on ghacks is always an eye opening experiencing to see what features they are deprecating next that people want or introducing features people don’t want - you hated Quantum? Wait until you get a load of Proton!

And another thing… for those missing the backspace key to go back a page since they also disabled that feature it can be re-enabled in config.

To prevent user data loss when filling out forms, we’ve disabled the Backspace key as a navigation shortcut for the back navigation button. To re-enable the Backspace keyboard shortcut, you can change the about:config preference browser.backspace_action to 0. You can also use the recommended Alt + Left arrow (Command + Left arrow on Mac) shortcut instead.
Firefox keyboard shortcuts

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Ooh yeah that one was controversial. I can kinda see changing backspace behavior as it can cause harm … (accidental page back, lose whatever you had entered on the current page) but what harm was esc causing that they needed to remove the pausing animated GIF functionality altogether? :thinking:

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