Ding, Dong, Trumpcare's Dead: GOP Health Care Bill Collapses With 2 Senators' Dissent

That’s right ; they threatened him with a subpoena if he doesn’t testify, didn’t they?

Bring it on; more chips, more cracks…


Hmmm… Or did these senators see the handout Murkowski got and decided to play her game. “Whatcha gonna give me for my vote, Mitch?”

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No. I meant Hoover. Herbert Hoover was a Republican who had the philosophy that government should be small, and stay out of the way of business interests. It was due to his ineptitude that the stock market crash of '29 and the depression that followed it was as brutal as it was. It was only when FDR defeated him in a landslide that the Democratic policies of the New Deal started to turn the economy back around, ushering in the age of entitlement that modern day Republicans are still gnashing their teeth over, 80+ years later.


McConnell has a reputation as a brilliant tactician, but he’s a poor strategist. He won a majority by demonizing the ACA, knowing full well that his party has no viable alternatives. Now, they’re forced to decide whether it’s better to piss off their constituents by not following through on their promise to rob them, or to actually rob them and have them realize that they don’t like it very much. They have no good choices because they have no good ideas, and they’ve now used up the first 6 months of a new administration struggling with this fact.

That’s not to say that they won’t be rewarded in some measure for this, but not nearly as much as if they had run on promises to do stuff that might, you know, actually be popular.


‘Libtards are the crybaby cowards killing america.’

So yea… sadly any sign of reaching across the aisle will be seen as heresy by the base, and frankly why should republicans want to reach across when especially on very left leaning places like here i keep seeing ‘oh you’re republican do the word a favor and go kill yourself you fat sack of bloated stupid shit?’

It isn’t enough to go ‘i’m right you’re wrong suck my dick.’ You have to give them a reason to WANT to work with you. Until then both major parties sound like two children bickering and pointing fingers and going less off of their own merits and more ‘Vote for me. I’m not That Guy.’

Additionally, what i have learned from SOPA/PIPA/YOU ARE A TERRORIST THAT HATES CHILDREN IF YOU WILL NOT PASS THIS ‘kill the internet bills’ is give it a few months, five more will pop up to try replacing it.


Oh, I know which Hoover you were referring to.

I was just pointing out that, in my opinion, Pat Buchanan is more symbolic of the current Republicans’ world-view.

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Apparently McConnell’s next thing is to just repeal:


Not sure why that’s going to be more popular than what they’ve already proposed.


I wish they’d stop with the predictions and just go ahead and call for a vote. As it currently sits its giving the view Republicans are trying to rig the election.

30, lol. Arguably since 1964 or 1968.


Repeal and just not replace it with anything?

Sure, that’s totally ‘more feasible’; what could possibly go wrong?


Sure, but Pat Buchanan’s fiscal policy really doesn’t differ from Hoover’s.

Plus, Buchanan has that additional creamy xenophobia and isolationism and america-firstism that aligns so well with Trump.

Politico article, Sept. 2016: “Trump is Pat Buchanan With Better Timing”
Buchanan on Meet The Press in 1992: “Make America first again”


Next up. Repeal with a two year fuse.


Agree. It’s 18 months from the next election, with a Republican House, Senate, President, and Supreme Court.

48 Senators want to drive the car off the cliff.

McConnell can still get something together. For one, just bifurcating Medicare issues from Obamacare. The main issue that motivated the defections was because of Medicare.

In 18 months, all that has to happen is for TWO senators to get primaried. Won’t Koch and every Make-America-Great PAC be pouring millions into those primaries? And again, 2 years after that, in the next cycle.

I hate to be depressive, but this is tribal. And cynical. The rural, tribal ones hate Obama and Guvmint. Whatever is labeled Obama they’ll boo at it, whatever’s anti-Obama, they’ll (rebel) yell for it. The cynical ones (Koch, Ayn Rand idolators, etc.) profit greatly from cutting benefits to non-wealthy people. They’ll never stop either.

There’s just no reason for jubilation. The Wicked Witch of the West (“Ding Dong”) being executed isn’t a great analogy. Better: the destruction of a single one of You-Know-Who’s horcruxes; You-Know-Who is still quite potent and dangerous.


Ironically, this video clip is from the White House Correspondents dinner that Trump was too cowardly to attend.


Are you sure he doesn’t simply have Truck Play Time every day from 14:45 to 15:00?


It makes perfect sense. The moderate senators’ main fig leaf for their dissent was the effects of the disastrous Medicare cuts. With those gone, they’ll have less cover to object.

McConnell can claim that this blanket repeal is just Phase 1 of a Grand Healthcare Reform effort-- heading off Senator’s objections that its foolish to repeal without any replacement in place. WE know he’s cynical and evil and any replacement will be some Ayn Rand wet dream that offers “choice” but not affordability [that probably won’t pass, but who cares? Repeal has been achieved.] But he can so-innocently ask “How can you object to the replacement when there’s not even a replacement proposed yet?”

And finally, he has 3 and 1/2 years to keep chipping away at Obamacare. He has to keep going down the hallway, checking if any doors are unlocked. He might succeed. In any case, he and his colleagues have to look like they’re keeping busy, for the sake of optics.


If your conservatives don’t want nasty “European” healthcare, can we have what they spend on their healthcare for the NHS, please?


Pat Buchanan’s views are certainly loathsome, as are the views of a lot of Republicans through the years, but they were never elected President. The party of Hoover has a nicer ring to it, too.

But it will become a moot point. History is going to remember them as “The Party of Trump.”