Disoriented Trump wanders off G-20 stage saying "Get me out of here" on hot mic


Nope. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/did-mark-twain-say-its-easier-to-fool-people-than-to-convince-them-that-they-have-been-fooled/
Like Yogi Berra, Sam Clemens didn’t say everything he said. Nor did Mark Twain.


Sort like…
… short Munchkin
… tall basketball player
… smelly shit…


Gerrymandering and voter suppression can help with that. Not to mention the Electoral College etc. Etc.

Also Ford wasn’t elected as VP, he was appointed after Spiro Agnew resigned for corruption

Again, Pence only has to be plausible as an outsider to the current shitshow. ‘Out of the loop’ like former CIA head GHWB supposedly was for Iran Contra.

By the time we are done with Trump, or he is done soiling the place, plenty of (straight white) people will breathe a huge sigh of relief when Pence takes over, and go back to obsessing over Game of Thrones. Pence will get to work on making The Handmaids Tale a reality, and nothing will be the same.



The modern Democratic Party will surely rise to the occasion, as usual, and nominate a presidential candidate whom even a weakened and disgraced Pence can defeat


I claim dilettante status.

I’m usually on a tablet configured as close to a burner as possible using Brave.
When I feel like pissing off Joey slapping some text on a picture I switch to Firefox and just head over to imgflip.com.
The meme generator will offer 15 fonts, but actually will let me either use the default, Impact, or render any other selection invariably as something that I like to call Hideous Arial Derivate.
Which is a pity as some themes just scream for a more appropriate font, but then again the job is just to throw out a lame joke or some snark fast and easy, not competing with professionals such as yourself.
As imgflip doesn’t get to show me any adverts I don’t mind having their tag on my “creations”.


It is a bit hard to make out but if you listen closely.

“Get me out of here…mumble…mumble…mumble…i pooped myself again…mumble…mumble…”

Is “the best” a feeling? how about rich, i feel rich? did i win?

likely cocaine i agree. his sleep is effed to barely existent, he has an over inflated ego and sense of his abilities, and he was doing the totally unmistakable coke sniff the entire campaign trail.

why not both? that was probably to get him off cocaine for a bit to treat that persistent coke sniff. cocaine makes your energy cycles dependent on it, like most strong stimulants, and often an addiction to one can lead to using other stimulants as well.


Propaganda works on everyone, to varying extents. The scary thing is, thanks to mainstream media, we all probably think Trump is better than he is.


I’m hopeful but cynical. You can’t indict a sitting president and R senate won’t back impeachment even if house does


The Dems excel at abandoning strong positions immediately and reliably snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


They’re already talking about running Beto O’Rourke in 2020.

He’s certainly proved that he has what it takes to lose.

Not everybody could lose to Ted Cruz. Losing to Mike Pence should be easy for him.


It’s reappeared frequently during the presidency too.


True, but I don’t work for the Dept. of Justice.

from: https://www.npr.org/2018/08/22/641005331/can-the-sitting-president-of-the-united-states-be-indicted

CHANG: And just to be clear, as a constitutional matter, it’s still unresolved whether a sitting president can be indicted, right? This is just a choice the Justice Department made.

LACOVARA: That’s right. In the Watergate investigation, we examined that issue quite carefully and reached the conclusion that there is no constitutional bar to indicting a sitting president. It’s a matter of discretion whether to file such charges. But the issue is still unresolved because, neither in Watergate, nor in the Clinton years, did any prosecutors press the issue.


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