Don Trump, Jr. rails against "Democrat governor" of Texas

Are we sure that it is actually Junior? Could his Dad have said ‘Give me your Twitter account or you’re out of the will!’ /s

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That’s not much of a threat. I mean, Don Jr should be happy to get disowned so he doesn’t get a share of the hundreds of millions of dollars of debt.


Bolivian marching powder.

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When I saw the article this morning, I wondered why Half Scoop is still even relevant.


You mean, “Former Guy.”

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The words of Trump’s tweet literally refers to the Texas governor as being a Democrat. That’s how language works. He literally said using the language we all share “the media is being too focused on the Texas senator when they should focus on their Democratic governor” which is unquestionably the way someone refers to the Texas governor. Of course he doesn’t actually think that Texas has a democratic governor, he’s just too stupid and hyper-partisan to do anything but regurgitate memes about “our guy is alright their guy is bad” that he is unable to speak language like and adult human being. That’s funny. That’s worthy of mockery.

It’s wild how much hand wringing has become required to justify why someone stupid said a stupid thing doesn’t deserve being mocked for the stupid thing they said.


The real test of whether the MSM has learned its lesson about giving any member of this awful family airtime will be when Biff rises to spew more poison and lies at CPAC. I can guarantee you that they’ll fail that test.


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