Donald Trump mocks President Biden's stutter at rally, delights crowd

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Does he, though? His teeny tiny base may be all in and motivated, but he has motivated a lot of folks to oppose him with every fibre of their being. Not saying won’t be hard fought, but let’s not feed defeatism.


He’s still polling well, unfortunately…


yeah_indeed. …don’t think trump has any chance of winning the popular vote. don’t think trump even has much chance of winning the (@#$!‘n) electoral college. but we still have to worry, quite a bit, about all the swing states’ attorney generals, governors, and election officials, who would/will do their foulest to invalidate their own state’s vote and throw the thing to the (@#$!'n) supreme court. remember Bush v. Gore? So here’s hoping there’s a helluva lot of preparation for that, plus, of course, get out the vote! Every sane person must vote!! none of this: ‘I don’t like Biden because he’s old’ (sure he’s old) or ‘I don’t like Biden because he’s letting Netanyahu continue with mass-murder’ (and he certainly is) “so i’m just going to sit it out” No. you really want horrors? sit it out and let trump get some convincing numbers. everyone must vote!!


My daughter lights up when I tell her that the president also has a stutter. I’m glad she’s 10 and will not come across the rally.

She already hates TFG anyway. She just doesn’t need it to feel so personal.


Keep in mind that polls are self-selecting to favor people who still use landlines and have the time and energy to sit there and, well, answer a poll. In other words, not most humans in the 21st century. I’d be more worried about the media, gerrymandering and voter suppression, and moronic perfectionists who don’t get that if they fail to vote for the (much) lesser of two evils this time, there won’t be a next time.


Everybody who doesn’t want to live in a christo-fascist dystopian nightmare, continue to fight like hell.


Sure, Trump might slur his words, he might abruptly change topics in the middle of every sentence, and of course when he does manage to say something coherent it’s because it’s lifted from Mein Kampf. But no stutter, which I understand is often the result of actually worrying about what you’re saying. Such an übermensch. :unamused:


Don’t necessarily disagree but, I wouldn’t be so confident about the electoral college. Vote? by all means however, I doubt this will be decided by popular vote. I’m sure you’re aware that there are sufficient number of states whose electors aren’t bound by popular vote. Trump will take every opportunity to stack the deck.


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You know, Biden isn’t a great orator; he’s not the clearest speaker and he sometimes fumbles with words. That’s ok — Biden has a speech impediment and everybody knows this. It’s not a big deal to me that he doesn’t have the kind of masterful speaking style that someone like Obama has. The vast majority of us don’t.

Consider the alternative where we have a literal fascist who speaks in an incoherent word salad and what is coherent is some of the most vile speech imaginable.

I’ll take the guy who isn’t the best orator, thank you very much.


Not to wish ill of anyone, but I’m truly looking forward to the day this societal shitstain becomes worm fodder.


In case you were wondering, Hair Furor can indeed go lower.


As disgusting as this is, this isn’t the lowest this septuagenarian schoolyard bully has gone. Heck, it’s not the lowest he’s gone in mocking someone’s disability.


With Trump, the expression, “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” is wildly, wildly insufficient. Trump doesn’t live in a glass house - his home is built from soap bubbles and precariously balanced free-standing glass sheets, and he’s not throwing stones, he’s got a machine gun. Trump, the man generally incapable of coherent speech, the man who everyone who has met him all talk about what terrible BO he has, the man who deliberately makes himself look ridiculous, the man who, according to former staffers, shits himself every time he gets excitedthat guy is taking aim at others’ speech impediments and other superficial nonsense?



I mean, there’s definitely that, too - his focus on other people’s superficial flaws seems very much about his realization of his complete inability to meet his own superficial standards. But Trump often specifically goes after people for superficial “failures” that fall outside his own - absolutely enormous - set of superficial flaws.


As much as I don’t trust polls these days, it’d be foolish to disregard them.

He has a rabid base who will happily die on the polling booth after voting for him. He also will end up with plenty of people who simply vote R and never looked at any other option, or wouldn’t consider it. And lots of rich folks who know they will make out well under his leadership.

The majority of people are against him. They need to be motivated to vote though, especially since we use EC over popular vote. The system inherently favors the minority because of it.