Elderly man shoved to ground by Buffalo cops in horrific footage

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“one person was injured when he tripped and fell.”

Fuck this shit.


This is a prime example for impersonal “official” language.

To expand:
“One officer was injured in the line of duty” could be a person who attacked someone and got the wrong end of the stick. It could be someone who shot themselves in the foot. Or it could be someone rounded up by a group of people and beaten up.

However, it is always someone who wielded power.

In this case, a person who was not wielding power, at all, was injured by someone who misused his power. Fuck this shit, crosswise.

ETA 2: I assume it is sound policy not to look after someone who just was pushed to the ground in front of an advancing unit, but that officer who first pushed the man, and made a move which looked like approaching the injured after his colleague shoved him to the ground - I hope he was terrified by what just happend. And I hope the officer who held him back is going to have nightmares about this.


Non-threatening, model citizen in the eyes of Trump and the conservative movement attempts to give the Buffalo PD back one of their riot helmets and they pay him back by cracking his skull open.

(another graphic video that shows the helmet clearly)

Video like this completely destroys Trump and Fox News’ not so subtle narrative that the cops were only “roughing up” black and young people at these events. Authoritarians and unchecked powers will trample over everyone outside of the elites and it’s time that Fox News viewers realize that they’re potential targets too.


I understand that the AllLivesMatter thing is meant to take away from the real issue of systemic racism, but videos like this show that we need a comprehensive approach to fixing police attitudes and approaches towards the public. They aren’t our allies or friends. They treat everyone as if they are either lawbreakers or on the verge of doing so.


This is the result of “warrior training”: every citizen treated as an enemy combatant.


Makes my blood boil.

I thought the much flaunted 2A is for fighting against a tyrannical government. What is needed to reach that point? Putting children in cages, crippling old men or shooting wheelchair bound people in the face? (Caution Link NSFW!)

Don’t get me wrong - starting a civil war by bringing your gun to a protest seems a very bad idea to me but “fight tyrannical government” is the usual reason you get from USians as justification for the 2A.


I’ve already mused elsewhere on BB as to whether now is the time for that ‘well-regulated militia’.

But the USians with a hard-on for the 2A are the ones whose definition of tyrannical is ‘social democracy’.


I’m seeing something other here too. The new (actually old, fascist) far right dehumanizes everyone who stands in the way of their interests. In the case of this elderly citizen he is literally standing in their way and as a resister is seen as subhuman leftist enemy. Their president leader and his henchman Barr have already signaled the indictment and judgment. Their fascist troops on the streets don’t mind acting as executioners on the spot. It’s not just a warrior attitude. They are far right fascist troops and they are being activated. Granted, I’m convinced the far right sees this as a war where they are under attack by progressive society.

That’s what I’m seeing.

Edit: And by far right I mean Republicans. As a non-USian, to me the Republican party is clearly a extremist, criminal, far-right organization. Probably the most dangerous organization on the planet.


It is, and they are. And unless those in control of the police and assorted other ‘law and order’ (/s) forces realise this and take urgent and drastic and visible action on the side of progressive society and against the fascist right - i.e. to de-escalate - I foresee a developing and ongoing civil/guerrilla war.

Unidentifiable military types forming up in public in Washington DC, and a continuous stream of police fuck-ups like this - to say nothing of the George Floyd murder - are all strong signals this may not end well, if it ends at all.

I am so glad I do not live in the USA. But I greatly fear what may happen to it and the effect that may have on the rest of the world.


No, that really isn’t true. The only privilege that is actually under attack by progressive society is the perceived right to act as opportunistic, egoistic assholes. That’s what is meant when the right talks about freedom. It’s an euphemism for the privilege of being a selfish asshole without being called out on it, much less punished. That’s really all there is at the core of the “ideology” and why it contradicts itself all the fucking time. It explains the massive cognitive dissonance: they of course don’t like to admit to the unethical selfishness and their love of being assholes. Everyone who point that out though is seen as the asshole and/or enemy.


This made me want to throw up.

The only positive moment for me is seeing two soldiers drop to the man’s aid.


Suspended without pay? Naw you fire and prosecute. Those people are monsters and liars, anything they do or say is rooted in violence and self-serving interest.


Someone asked in another thread (or perhaps another platform) “What possible crime could justify Police using deadly force immediately”

Well…this clip starts making me think I just witnessed it.

I explained to someone recently why acts like this from LEOs is so much worse than anything else. They countered “How can you think police brutality is worse than a mass shooter?” I replied…“simple. The mass shooter was already a mass shooter. they were planning it from the get go. As soon as we see them armed and dressed we know what they are doing. The LEO is supposed to be on our side to serve and protect. They are supposed to be the shield and the good guy. When they “turn bad” when they do things like this…they undermine what the uniform and badge were supposed to mean. They hurt us AND betray our trust.”

And for many of us in the U.S. they never had our trust because they’ve always treated those people that way. It’s worse. It’s way worse in my book.


Fuck that. Fire and forbid from law enforcement employment for life.

Likewise for whoever crafted, authorized, or delivered the Official Story:



But dont you see? It was just that one bad apple!



And we are paying them to do it!
That video is horrible. Not just the violence, but then the disgusted shake of his head as he walks past the injured man, and the several other officers walking past. Icy cold.


The difference between a criminal and a cop is that cops have a union.


But the criminals have a political party, the executive and the senate and they are led by billionaires. They don’t need a union.


There’s a very good chance this poor old man IS a fox news viewer. Fits their demographic and he was trying to return the cops helmet. Just unreal.