Elderly woman beats mugger with bacon


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/07/20/elderly-woman-beats-mugger-wit.html


The “bacon” is strong in this one.


#beatoffwithbacon” … snicker


Pork; it’s what’s for… self defense?


Bacon is clearly an effective defensive weapon. We need to implement a bacon-for-guns exchange program in America immediately. This will solve our gun problem. If anyone likes guns more than bacon, they’re clearly not a real Murican™ and don’t deserve 2nd Amendment rights anyway!


You mean a “good-guy with the bacon” kind of thingy?


I can’t figure out how I knew as soon as I read the headline that this would be in the UK. Also, can someone answer this: isn’t bacon in the UK much different than bacon in the US?


Best thing to do. It’ll stop things from getting dried-out and overcooked in the oven, while giving a nice, smoky, salty note.

What? **B**eats mugger? Oh, OK.

As you were, then. :blush:


The good granny with the bacon?

For self-defense, make mine “Canadian,” (and unsliced).

In U.S. it is store robs YOU!


Mmmmmm… bacon… is there nothing it cannot do?


Prevent clogged arteries?


See what happens when you outlaw guns? Law-abiding citizens have to defend themselves with breakfast foods!


So the robber ran off shouting, “Ow! Enough, lady, that hurts and is also delicious!”


Yes. It’s taken from a different part of the pig and is generally much thicker than the bacon you typically get in American grocery stores.



British bacon comes in somewhat the shape of a Maori war club.




I’d just be happy keeping it to “a good guy with a halberd”


successfully defend themselves with breakfast foods. Let’s see your AR-15 deliciously destroy dignity at only 4 quid a kilogram.


Muggers taste like chicken!

And baby muggers taste like eggs!


Normally, it’s black pudding and the martial art of ecky thump, rather than bacon, that Mancunians use.

(video updated as I didn’t spot the offensive minstrel scene in the original.)