Enjoy this video of hotdogs being made from sludge

Add this to the list of “Videos people post to dissuade others from eating something, usually a meat product, resulting in me suddenly craving the subject of the video.” Chicago dogs for dinner!


It really is true: they use everything but the squeal.


Enjoy this video of hotdogs being made from sludge

My first quick skim reading of this was:

Enjoy this video of hedgehogs being made from sludge

Which… I dunno, I feel like maybe there’s some sort of larger message there… maybe…?

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Hmm, so the “poop” emoji actually is (/also can be used for) uncooked hotdogs? Though I have to say, the final, cooked product is grosser, what with all the sodium nitrate, etc. in it.

How far is this from a traditional emulsified sausage - you know, the ones that have been around forever? Do you like some mortadella on your sandwich? What’s that but hotdog/OscarMeyerBalongna with some bigger chunks of fat?

If the input is clean and wholesome(ish) and the process is sound - get me a Detroit Coney or a Chicago with everything please!


I was thinking of the amazing corn dog my local amusement Park used to sell many decades ago. Now I’m thinking of a plate with all three styles on it. Like hot dog charcuterie.


I guarantee it was empirically determined how much sugar to add. You pump in sweeteners until your professional food testers tell you that it’s too sweet, then you just barely reduce the amount of sugar until they don’t complain. Repeat for salt and fat.

It’s called the Bliss Point.

Any guesses as to why so many of us Americans are obese? We’re literally addicted to the sugars added to our foods. Just try buying processed foods without added sugars. It’s a struggle.

Any guesses who have been fighting all attempts to regulate sugars in our diets, or improve product labeling? Industry lobbying groups like the American Beverage Association, the American Sugar Alliance, etc. “You don’t want to pass laws that would hurt family sugar beet farmers, would you Senator? Good Senator! Have some PAC money. You’ve earned it!”


Yeah I was going to say mortadella really isn’t made that differently. Although…for whatever reason, I don’t like mortadella, and I love hot dogs and bologna. I think I prefer it without the big chunks of fat.


Agreed! This is much ado about nothing. Other than the corn syrup, everything else is real meat, seasonings, etc. I find nothing objectionable here.

It’s why I don’t get too worked up about meat by-products in my cat’s wet food; it’s nothing more than offal which is perfectly edible. In fact, this Mutant enjoys chorizo & egg breakfast tacos on occasion & I definitely know what’s in chorizo (and it tastes fabulous!).


Which of course means, NO KETCHUP!

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Snl Bag GIF by Saturday Night Live


Hotdogs are disgusting; they’re made from flavorless industrial slurry. That’s why I’m enjoying a wholesome link of (Poche’s) cajun boudin for dinner. Much more flavor, and not ground so fine that I can’t tell what part of the trimmings I’m eating

I just looked up their boudin ingredients, and “pork snouts” is actually listed :smile: :

Rice, pork, Pork liver, pork broth (water, salt, caramel color), Pork Snouts, Onions, Seasoning (salt, red pepper, paprika. monosodium glutammate), Jalapeno Peppers, Freeze Dried Chives, Parsley Flakes


Ha I love chorizo but at the grocery store if for whatever reason I look at the package info I can’t bring myself to buy it and it goes back on the shelf, if I don’t look I can buy it.

Yeah, sometimes it’s best to not question things (or read ingredient lists). :smile:

It’s not even usually that, it’s usually “any realistically sized portion of this is three day’s worth of salt/fat/cholesterol”. Though I will say that luckily chorizo is very flavorful so a little goes a ways.

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I mean, up until the flavorings are added, it sort of falls in line with traditional Native American use of animals by using every bit of meat possible instead of wasting it. So I guess they have that going for them. /s


To me, this video is equal parts amazing and disgusting. Its amazing because how often do you see all the parts of an animal being used after it’s slaughtered nowadays? It reminds me of how native peoples generally approached slaughtering an animal. and thats kind of beautiful.

It’s disgusting because of, well, the obvious. And because you know the reason for using all these unwanted animal trimmings is not because of respect for life/nature, but likely because of unfettered capitalism.

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Where’s the ketchup?

But seriously, been on the other side of the pond for a while, really miss a proper hotdog. :frowning:


doubt it

Maybe they end up in the cantina, or in the “take home bin” but probably just get discarded

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