Eric Idle on Monty Python Tweet: "I have nothing to do with this"


So John Cleese is an ass, but Eric Idle is still alright; good to know.


When Mr Bright Side of Life says you should stay home it’s time to listen.


Who threw his celebrity behind Brexit IIRC.


He did. Despite not living in the UK.

Over time his political journey has been the most hackneyed cliché possible. He Supported the Labour party when he was a young man, before switching to being a Liberal in the 80s and fronting several high profile campaigns for their brand of pro-European Centralism. Then lately he’s turned into the stereotypical racist old man, being pro-brexit, anti-immigration and nostalgic for an imagined England of his youth, while living abroad.

He’s still blatantly anti-Trump, though.


Cleese’s political views are too complex to wholeheartedly endorse or condemn. He’s been absolutely shit on things like Brexit, but he’s also been very vocally critical of things like Trump and the Republican party. He’s an Amnesty International supporter who also supported Obama’s candidacy and offered his services as a speechwriter. Plus he’s definitely not an anti-intellectual considering he’s a visiting professor at Cornell with a long history in academia.

So he may be an asshole in many respects, but at least he’s his own brand of asshole rather than the Alt-Right brand of asshole.



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So because he partly owns the company he’s responsible for the social media editor’s (or intern’s) tweets?

What are you trying to say here?

Ultimately, yes. That’s what co-ownership means, after all.

I’ve seen situations where he absolutely had nothing to do with it. e.g. a Monty Python dating site by a Scientologist who was their self-proclaimed “greatest fan”.

I’m not faulting Eric Idle for being brief, but the BoingBoing post didn’t it clear that in this case the situation was actually:

“I have nothing to do with this tweet from the official account of a Monty Python holding company of which I am co-director and I’ll be sending a word to the person who handles all our day-to-day stuff”.


Fair enough

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Meanwhile, it looks like that dating site fulfilled its primary purpose. (Do happily-partnered people ever start dating sites?)

Erg, bring me another bucket!

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Don’t look for me to defend some random companys actions, but Idle, Cleese, et. all. may have zero ownership over the Monty Python trademark. PYTHON (MONTY) PICTURES LIMITED, may have zero ownership as well.

Also, @montypython’s comment in an English or even European context is not as horribly bad as it comes off to a sane American. They have done a FAR better job managing COVID-19 than we have.

No, its clearly their corporation, but I doubt that they have anything to do with the routine operations.


I dug in deeper, and at least in the United States, Python (Monty) Pictures Ltd does own the Monty Python trademark.

IP like this gets traded around all the time, but does not appear to be the case here.

I’m in Britain right now and I can tell you that the government have done a terrible job of managing COVID-19. Just because Trump is an order of magnitude worse doesn’t mean it is good here.

Eric Idle’s assessment is correct.


It is also terribly bad from the perspective of someone currently residing in Germany. Don’t get me started on the UK. Just look at this picture from this BBC piece :

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Yes, from the OP it seemed like some arse with a Twitter account was trademark squatting on the Monty Python handle and saying daft stuff in Monty Python’s name. Being an official account for a company Idle is a co-owner of is an entirely different matter.


Maybe thats a terrible job in Britain, and clearly Trump an order of magnitude worse, but I do stand by my “done a FAR better job” statement.

Not in the UK! It may be slightly better than the US in that some action was taken, but it was mostly the wrong action and/or at the wrong time.

ETA and re your graphs, so it’s going down at last now, here. The totals represented by the area under the graph are way higher than they needed to be had we had an even vaguely competent and practical (as opposed to incompetent and ideological) set of politicians in charge.

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