Evangelical leader Pat Robertson tells his flock that action against Saudis would wipe out “$100 billion worth of arms sales”


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Who would Jesus bomb?


Booze wasn’t the only thing the “liquor officer” in Japan during the Korean War supplied to the officers. Rumour is that Pat sampled the other wares and in the process picked up a dose of the syph that he never addressed. It’s been chewing through most of his superstition-addled grey matter in the decades since.


Maybe I’m mistaken, but the money won’t even go towards the budget deficit, but instead to contractors’ pockets, right? What the hell does Robertson gain from spouting this nonsense? Is he getting a kickback?


He needs his followers to believe in the grift of modern American conservatism. Money = ethics, wealth = purity, capitalism = peace. If they don’t believe that, why would funding his jets and mansions make any sense?


This is exactly how arms deals work. The Treasury never sees a dime, but politicians are guaranteed lucrative post electoral employment and insider trading paydays. Robertson probably has money invested in the war sector because he wants his Jeebus to come back before he dies of old age.



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This living fossil is proof that Earth is over 7,000 years old.



This is the point in my fantasy where a five year old speaks up from the first pew, asking “What profit hath a man that sells a hundred billion dollars worth of killing machines, at the cost of his own soul?”

…and everybody goes, “yeah”, and walk out.


Is Robertson referring to the billions of dollars in arms that are being used to kill people in Yemen?


Hey Marion Gordon “Pat” Robertson - lay off the special dispensation routine. That’s another sects’ gig.


…and that would have been a bad thing because???


Hello God? It’s me, Pensketch. I believe that there are some doddering old lambs that you need to call home to pasture. They’re shitting just everywhere and the planet is suffering.


Where’s WWE Jesus, kicking over tables and whipping moneychangers, when we need him?


sigh Because religions claim sole moral authority, people will use the to justify ANYTHING. And enough people use them to justify doing good that they seem to maintain their hold over people’s moral imagination. Just perhaps St Francis of Assisi would have been good to animals if he hadn’t been a monk. And the 9/11 hijackers would have been murderous fuckwads whether they were muslims or not. (most of them weren’t particularly religious)



Who would Jesus kidnap, torture, murder, dismember, and disappear?


Your countries arms sales = Good
Other countries arms sales = Evil


Pat Robertson needs Jesus


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