Evangelical leader Pat Robertson tells his flock that action against Saudis would wipe out “$100 billion worth of arms sales”


Can’t loose sight of the fact that, according to Christian doctrine, Christian Jesus is also genocidal Old Testament God who sends people to an eternity of torture for thought crimes such as lack of belief in the right version of him.


Jesus doesn’t want him though, try the guy downstairs.


Robertson is a dominionist, as are many of the highly placed members of the Trump administration. It’s his explicit goal to replace our current system of government with theocracy and he will happily parrot anything that comes out of Trump’s mouth as long as Trump continues to deliver conservative judges and roll back civil liberties.

It also doesn’t hurt that Saudi Arabia is seen by evangelicals as a counterweight against Iran, which puts them in the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” zone. Robertson probably figures that SA will help preserve Israel until the end times, and then they’ll be crushed by an army of righteous xtian warriors, leaving the earth in the sole possession of the xtian elect.


Deus Vult Infidel!


During one of the Desert Storms, a tabloid over here in the UK ran a front page story about the Iraqis’ “Evil Fuel Air Explosive Bomb”, and an inside story about how amazing our Fule Air Explosive Bomb was.


He still isn’t dead yet?


Now, I’m no televangelist expert here, but I have read the bible and I can’t remember anywhere in there, at all really, where Jesus was like, “and oh yeah, you guys need to help keep the military industrial complex afloat. I know, I know, I said all that stuff about forgiveness and turning the other cheek and nonviolence and stuff, but this is real important guys, it’s 100 billion dollars!”

They show their true colors every day, and the flock just keeps following, apparently content to not question one single bit of it. All that matters is the words of dear leader.


That is not dead which can eternal lie.


I’m not shocked to learn that Pat Robertson is an asshole. I’m a little bit shocked to see how deep of a hole the 700 Club’s millions of viewers must be in if they’re swallowing this. Because it’s not Infowars- these are people who are trying, on some level, to be Christians. That they would let Robertson take such an anti-Christian dump in their mouths suggests to me that they’ve curled up in a spiritual fetal position and given up on life.

That’s very sad. I hope if any boingboing readers have parents or grandparents who watch the 700 Club, they will talk to them about this and maybe try to get them involved in a left-wing bridge club or something instead.


Oddly, “getting a kickback” would be the least objectionable explanation. I mean, at least then he’d be getting something* in exchange for his shameful, craven, obsequious, robotic, partisan allegiance.

No, as with his religious orthodoxy, so with his partisan political tenets, he’s thinks what he thinks because someone told him to.
*As “something”, I’m leaving out the part where, for last 40 years, evangelicals rigidly hew to any policy that favors Israel-- since their doctrine holds that such assistance will eventually hasten Israel’s utter destruction, and, naturally, the return of Jesus.




He believeth in the Lord and in tax-free religious institutions, and whosoever believeth shall not perish, but have eternal life, two Lear jets, and lots and lots of money.




This is disgusting at any level of arms sales, but it should always be pointed out that the actual amount is far less, and the grossly exaggerated $110B figure is just something Tяump pulled out of whatever orifice he could reach with his tiny hands.


All right people, let’s give it up for Reverend Larry of Repo Man fame:

"Now, my friends, occasionally we get a letter from a viewer that says, "Now, the only reason Reverend Larry comes on your television set is because he wants your money.

“And you know what? They’re right. I do want your money, because God wants your money. So, I want you to go out and mortgage that home, and sell that car, and send me your money. You don’t need that car.”


oh, he’s off preaching about good manners, property rights, consensual sex, and animal rights.


#4 is a must at our home.

#5 needs to be adhered to more often.

1# would never fly in the state of New Jersey


Was that the same issue that detailed how WE had sold them all those “agricultural parts” that those scheming Iraqis turned into a Supergun?


Did he say what the downside was? I mean there must be a downside.


It’s actually amazing how neatly he encapsulates everything Jesus was against in one statement! The “Christian Right” in this country never had the moral high ground, and now not only is that blatantly obvious, but also that they’re not even Christians in the sense of believing anything Jesus was supposed to have taught.

Yep. Plus, there’s no deal (it was only a letter of intent), and so far the only actual deals have been for four billion dollars worth of weapons. They’ve already passed on most of the rest. So it’s a perversity based on a lie, no less.

That might require everyone to acknowledge that Robertson was always soulless, though.

The American Christian Right is exclusively a right-wing political culture now. I expect anyone who might have had qualms about this left it already.