Everyone remembers waffles


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Once upon a time, if you drove from Chicago to Detroit, shortly after passing the now closed Farmer Friday’s Haunted Market (“Visit Fred’s meat market and it’s unbeatable prices. Like we say, you just can’t beat Fred’s meat. And don’t miss our terrifying life size replica of Marilyn Monroe”) you would begin to enter Michigan hill country. One day I rounded the bend and saw on a 40’ billboard covered in giant red sequins with these words (in giant silver sequin) “Beware, now entering waffle country” the unexplainable dread I felt while driving past waffle shop after waffle shop is still with me to this day.


Well this is less provocative than This Is America.


While a most excellent mental picture, this imagery is making ME feel a tad uneasy. I’m even feeling a wee bit uneasy about the waffle iron in my kitchen.


Waffles are okay, but I prefer pancakes and if well prepared, french toast is even better. But you HAVE to use real maple syrup, none of that artifical crap. UGH!


That made me not want to have waffles for a long time.

Poor syntax, but I blame the cartoon for that.


Nice, but I think the Weebl’s Stuff song about Waffles is superior! :slight_smile:

Do you have a waffle?



you beat me by a minute!!!



You know I didn’t have real maple syrup until I was an adult and did my own grocery shopping. But then again I live in New Zealand which is quite far away from Canada.


While growing up and subjected to an abundance of American television waffles seemed both baffling and like the quintessential American breakfast. I still consider them to be more akin to dessert than breakfast. I think I first had waffles when I was a teenager.


Waffles, superior in every way to pancakes. It’s a scientific fact!


…and perhaps it was stolen. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2016/12/maple-syrup-heist


Howsabout toast?


Parry Gripp is such an earworm… now I’ll have this stuck in my head all day.

Guess it is better than having Nom Nom Nom in my head all day… D’OH!


With vegemite?


Um, not everybody loves that video. In fact, that was the first time I ever saw it. Guess I missed that part of the internet.


What I find interesting is the fact that Belgian waffles (larger and deeper squares) have pretty much completely supplanted “regular waffles” You’d have a difficult time finding a shallow waffle iron these days, except in an antique store.


Next time we’re up all night and it’s waffle time in the morning, I’m playing this song. It’ll be a hit.