Exchange unwanted Halloween candy for Reese's with this vending machine


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If you don’t have this machine in your neighborhood, I will gladly take all black licorice of your hands. I love that stuff!


What’s the exchange rate for candy corn and/or circus peanuts? Do I need to break out my Zimbabwean cash wheelbarrow?


It would be nice if there was a vending machine that accommodated nut-allergic kids by exchanging “nutted” candy for the other stuff.



Are you offering a better exchange rate?


I’m so broke I can only afford to send you good thoughts in exchange. (Which I will do right now for free anyway!)


Does the machine accept used candy?


Does it take meth?


I guess that would depend on what is was used for.



you said “nutted”





I think Reese’s changed their peanut butter formula a few years ago. I don’t like them so much now.


Guys, there’s no internal mechanisms. It’s just me in there with my mouth open.

Afterthought: @TomPoston Don’t you dare nut in the machine…


A childhood dream come true!!



Ew. If it was a Kit Kat machine I’d be more interested. IMHO kit kats are the best common Halloween candy.

(Only topped by the occasional rich weirdo who hands out chocolate oranges)



How about Reese’s and Kit-Kat’s love child?


:thinking: I wonder why they just wrote the word “Clark”. It seems like maybe they forgot to put the picture there.


Make one.