Family gets food poisoning from feast to celebrate surviving food poisoning


E. coli O157:H7 lives by the same principle.


a pair of comments on the original article, and they both troll in different ways.

After likely getting food poisoning twice after eating at Chipotle (before it was a thing) I stopped eating there. But now I figure it’s probably one of the safest places to eat :smiley:

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You might think that the folks in Turkey would figure out that pehaps the sky god doesn’t want sacrifices…

Sacrificial goat jumps from roof, kills boy : Asia, News - India Today


So how’s that whole “god” thing working out for you?


True Story Side Note:

I’ve had “food poisoning” three times in succession. Turns out the fourth time they figured out I was misdiagnosed. It was appendicitis every time.



Now my hypochondria has something new to obsess over… :cold_sweat:


well, it at least doesn’t seem to make you smarter…

(or at least more aware of proper food safety protocols)




From the article, it seems the food preparer of the family alludes to being less than properly cautious about food preservation techniques.


Obviously God wants these people to go vegetarian. /s


…I didn’t even know you could get appendicitis more than once.


At the time, I didn’t either.
Apparently, there were three conditions I didn’t meet that affected the diagnosis.

First, I walked to the emergency room. The county hospital was only a block from my front door, and I was told by a (quite likely very busy and overworked) physician that if my appendix were about to burst, I wouldn’t have wanted to make the walk, and I would have been doubled over in pain.

Second, my white blood cell count was pretty low for the diagnosis threshold.

Third, I didn’t get a second opinion. Of course, I was a broke college student at the time and took them at their word because, frankly, I didn’t have the strength or assistance to go to the private hospital.
I also foolishly assumed that the variable of a different doctor in the succesive visits through the next twelve months might change the outcome of the diagnosis. It did not.

The last time, I gathered the strength to ride my scooter across town to the minor emergency center across from the private hospital. There, a particularly careful nurse set up a sonogram across the street.
By this time, my appendix had grown so large it didn’t show on the scope where it might normally be seen, and it took the department head to point out that the edges had ballooned quite far. I was admitted for surgery immediately.

In retrospect, my surgeon pointed out that my appendix had probably encapsulated itself if not just subsided after the infection, though he figured this last time would have definitely been my last.

I also found out through a thorough family doctor nine months later that my white cell count is always affected because of hyperbilirubinemia, or Gilbert’s Syndrome. I’ve never suffered because of it, but wonder if my need for sleep is a result.



[Googles illegal home sonogram equipment…]

A friend of mine got multiple wrong diagnoses from her student health center over a period of weeks. After the pain subsided from what turned out to be her burst appendix - her white cell count, history, temp, etc., certainly should have given them a clue. Classic symptoms, AFIK.

She was later admitted to an ER, etc. Ten days and over $110,000 in over priced, but life saving, medical services later she was able to return home to continue recovering.

Far too many of my friends and family have had emergency appendectomies. Every tummy ache makes me nervous now :smiley:

Did you have limited mobility and severe pain for the whole 12 months? My best friend could barely get out of bed but claimed he had allergies. His girlfriend saved his life by convincing him to go to the ER, which he wouldn’t have done on his own. He had the classic appendicitis, where the ER doc poked his abdomen, my friend shrieked in pain and the doc billed $600 (probably would be $2500 these days) on top of the ER bill and scheduled my friend for emergency surgery as soon as they could put together a surgical team.


I would get better, but the telling clue I couldn’t convince the physician with was that I was practically vomiting bile. I had absolutely no food that I could bring up when I had a bout of appendicitis.
Each time I mentioned it, they simply said “food poisoning” and to change my diet/food storage habits.


Ow :cold_sweat:

The one time I was actually diagnosed with food poisoning there was, uhm, much rapid bidirectional peristalsis involved… :flushed:

But until you get better, it seems like all bets are off…

(Sorry, too amused by the phrase “bidirectional peristalsis” not to use it :_D )

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Yes, I had it once as well when I first got to Tijuana.

Believe me, there is a huge difference between the volume of matter lost from food poisoning (Exorcist) and appendicitis (dry heaves).


No way. They got a twofer. The sky god is doubly pleased.


This happened to me as a kid. Stomach pains a week after tetanus shot for stepping on a nail. The shot kept my white blood cell count down (or it was a weird offshoot of IBD in my appendix). Of course I was told that “Oh, yes indeed, it was infected,” but I’ve always wondered if maybe that was a CYA. “We cut the kid open and didn’t need to. Whoops. Uh, nurse, put that down as definitely appendicitis.”