FBI raided Manafort's home


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On the plus side, Trump is making Bush II’s legacy look much better.

I mean at least when the Bush regime sold out to other organizations, they were American organizations.


“The documents included materials Manafort had already provided to Congress, said people familiar with the search.”

Bet the FBI believes that documents being provided voluntarily are being edited/faked/distorted. A comparison of the originals Manafort had in his home is a good idea.


Or maybe they are going to present these original fake documents to prove that Manafort has been involved in faking them in the first place?


This is the part where it gets really good! :grin:


If nothing else, it proves Mueller is making use of that grand jury.


Mana fort? Sounds like he should have cast some protection spells. Then again, that requires white magic, not black. Maybe an artifact.

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I bet they found some interesting stuff.


I’m… failing to see that as a plus.
I’m trying…but no. I just don’t see an upside to making GWB look good, or, well, better.

I do miss him for his English acumen though. I never though I’d say that and now I’ve said it twice.



Hopefully they also raided the storage locker he has across town with the trove of incriminating evidence. I’ve watched a lot of T.V.


Or the one he has here.


I am not really surprised…but I love how the top story on fuks is touting nuclear weapons…



Trump is making James Buchanan’s legacy look much better too, assuming that he isn’t just removed from future rankings if he is kicked out.


NK has been making threats and posturing for decades. US policy up until now has been “Don’t feed the trolls.”

But like your drunk cousin on facebook, he decided to reply with the, “Fuck all y’all!”

Here is the deal, the US can not and will not do anything directly. If NK gets to the point they are fucking up things out side of their sand box, China will HAVE to step in as they have sooo much power over them (90% of their trade and helping to prop them up in the past.). That and they don’t want a US presence near mainland China.


If you’re hiring that card to manage your campaign, you should expect to lose.


I’ll bet they knew that the documents and info he was providing to Congress were not all the pieces, that from their other data-gathering they knew he was sitting on stuff too damaging to let out.

Anyway, I guess we can expect more paranoia about the “deep state” from conservatives now. They really need to learn: Occam’s Razor pretty much rules out the “deep state” when it comes to Trump and his associates, corruption and dishonesty are always the lowest common denominator,




Federal agents appeared at Paul Manafort’s home without advance warning in the predawn hours of July 26, the day after he met voluntarily with the staff for the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Surely they’d completely lost the element of surprise. Manafort has known he’s been under investigation for months. He’s must have destroyed any evidence that could have been used against him ages ago.