FBI raided Manafort's home


Did they find a half-written copy of his upcoming memoir: “Taking Bribes from Everybody”?


“If I Did Take a Bribe, This Is How I Would Do It"
"The Art of Money Laundering”


or “How to Bullshit the Republican Party and Install a Useless Idiot for a Foreign Power Vol 01” (Forward by Vlad Putin. and dedicated to his mother)


You still need to keep track of the lies.

Perhaps Mueller has reason to believe that Manafort hasn’t come completely clean. Whatever his suspicions, they’ve been backed up by a Grand Jury.




We have the best nukes, the most powerful nukes, believe me. We only use the most powerful isotopes. The best fissions you’ve ever seen. And, let me tell you, they when they explode. Such beautiful explosions. Like nothing you’ve ever seen before. These scientists and engineers. Brilliant. All hard working Americans, doing what they need to do to make America great again, believe me. They will show our enemies our fire and fury. We will win against our enemies with our powerful and beautiful nukes just like we’re winning against ISIS. It will be biggest victory in American history, you’ll see. The fake news media will try to mislead you and say that North Korea and that crazy Kim Jong Un also has powerful nukes, but they don’t, and my intelligence people have told me that their nukes don’t make an explosion as pretty as ours. That’s why they test them underground, because they are ashamed by the explosions. Just like the fake news media is ashamed at how crooked Hillary and the democrats lost the election they should have won, but I won in a huge Electoral College victory. We’re making America great again.


Trump Bot?


I had to channel much darkness to pull that Trumpesque “rant” out of my ass. Believe me.

(God damnit, it’s taking over!!)


Way too coherent for a Trump rant. Needs a lot more non-sequiturs and asides.


Not enough unnecessary pauses and mid-phrase phrase changes



Nice try, but your grammar, spelling, and overall coherence are too good.



So, gritty reboot of Korean War as a distraction?


Fake subpoena.


I’ll bet the storm troopers waited quietly in the truck while well dressed investigators respectfully opened and closed cupboards, drawers and closets, and they most certainly did not shoot the family dog in front of the children, did not beat manafort half to death, and of course did not “find” a gram of coke in a sock drawer.


Manafort also owns multiple homes, according to the Washington Post.  What good is raiding just one of them, when he could be playing the shell game?

I also had the same thought Bagoombah did, about the possibility of an undiscovered storage locker.

I’d bet a week’s salary that ‘Paulie Walnuts’ is dirty as sin.  The problem is finding where he has the evidence stashed.


Somebody pointed out on Twitter that there was a kneejerk reaction to this pre-dawn raid a few hours later https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/890193981585444864


Two words: computer forensics.

You would be surprised how much information is left behind when you delete a file, or edit a document.

Or when some idiot politician doesn’t think twice about having their browser remember their passwords.


The timestamp on Trump’s “I have the power to pardon anything…” tweet is consistent with the “just received a panicked predawn phone call from Manafort” theory.