Federal judge dangles jail time in front of Betsy DeVos

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Another fine example of this administrations total disregard of the law. Throw them all in jail.


With a wholesome smile like that I just can’t be mad at her.


Sorry, if the judge doesn’t even know what it is then it’s legally nothing.


The judge doesn’t know because arguments are being presented.

The lawyer representing the students is arguing that it’s contempt and that jail time or other punishment is necessary on top of sanctions being imposed.


I am confused. Which DeVos is the brother of Erik Prince?


Betsy. She took her husband’s last name along with his love of pyramid schemes. That should read “sister of Obersturmbannfuhrer Erik Prince”.

The judge is saying she has two choices from a legal point of view, one of which allows her to toss DeVos in the slammer. She doesn’t know because she’s still deciding which she’ll choose.


I wonder what the correlation is between people screwed by these pseudo-schools and people who support Trump?

The students aren’t necessarily Trump supporters, but they are being fleeced and unethically exploited by predatory Trump supporters.


Ultimately, any customer of or investor in an enterprise run by Il Douche (including his political ones) ends up being a sucker.

That includes wealthy and powerful people. Here’s Keith Olbermann, describing the quality of what I’m sure was once described as “the best, really the most elegant and luxurious, condo building in Manhattan, believe me”:

One day Drumpf appeared in person and, with what I only later realized was the same kind of sincere concern and respect that Eddie Haskell used to pay “Beaver” Cleaver’s mother, asked me how I liked the place and to let him know personally if anything ever went wrong. About 15 months ago, when the elevators failed and many of the heating-unit motors died and the water shut off, I wrote him. He sent an adjutant over to bluster mightily about the urgency of improvements and who was to blame for the elevators and how there would be consequences, and within weeks Drumpf’s minions were obediently and diligently installing — a new revolving door at the back of the lobby.

That three-week project stretched past three months, smothered the lobby in stench and grime, required the repeated removal and reinstallation of a couple of railings, and for a time created a window frosting problem even when it wasn’t cold out.


Federal judge dangles jail time in front of Betsy DeVos



Par for the course.


And only par because he’s a notorious golf cheat.


He cheats at everything, and on everyone.


I agree. All people on the wrong end of his “enterprises” do end up suckers.

To answer the original comment I was responding to: Not all his suckers are Trump supporters. Predatory schools like this feed on desperate people of all types, just as casinos happily accept money from and destroy the lives of desperate people who happen to vote for the Democratic Party.

People shouldn’t fall into believing he’s only fleecing people who somehow deserve fleecing. That line of thinking probably made it easier for him (and predatory schools at large) to get away with it in the past.


The headline reminds me of the David Simon quote to the effect that police interrogators are the greatest salesmen ever. They are selling long prison sentences: a product for which the customer has no need.


Oh, man! Imagine all of Trump’s bootlickers going to jail as the amuse bouche to the Trump’s impeachment.​


Yes. his political supporters are a subset of the larger group of his marks. I’d go so far as to argue that many of his 2016 voters (as opposed to his spiteful and bigoted Know-Nothing 27% base) were desperate suckers in their own way, because the establishments of both parties weren’t offering them any way out of their plight of being neoliberalism’s losers (i.e. for some of his voters it really was “economic anxiety” that drove them into the arms of a racist and sexist grifter).

Late-stage capitalist America is a minefield of money-draing scams for the economically desperate. Eventually, Biff saw the potential in making the Presidency one of those cons.


Is this one of those “sorry not sorry” comments ?