Ferrari driver ignores "no parking" signs and finds his car in inconvenient spot


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I don’t think that Ferraris are suited for car boot sales. There’s hardly any space to put anything in them…


Somebody should have stuck a price tag on it.


And if they’re lucky, an unferterbed paint job.


I’m disappointed no one stuck flyers and other items to the Ferrari


Thinking the hood and boot would have been decent make-shift display tables.


Remember the scratches on the paint are free of charge.


I just wanna know how this whip wasn’t found on blocks. London’s hoodlums are not living up to their reputation…


It’s good that Brighton is 40 miles away from the southern edge of London then.


I once did this in Chapala, Mexico, but it was a '58 Chevy station wagon, not a Ferrari. And the locals were very nice about moving their wares over a few feet to let me out.


I’m an American, dammit. All of England is London or Liverpool to me!


But for real I appreciate your defense of London’s hoodlums from my baseless derogation :wink:


It was more a defence of Brighton, who are home to a different community

I also know it for the left wing Cowley Club

Libertarian in this case is in its original, left wing, meaning. Europe still uses it that way despite attempts from the right to take it away from us.


“I’ll give you 10 quid for that car…”


Technically, I think they’re “hooligans”.


“Douchebag does douchebag thing with douchebag car”


Maybe he didn’t see the sign? I had my car trapped in a parking garage over night as I didn’t understand that it closed I couldn’t get to it after 9pm. :confused:


I’d like to think if I did something like that, I’d pay everyone a fiver to move out of my way and apologize as I went. Everyone would be better off. Instead, I imagine he can’t quite grok his own mistake, so is grumbly about it.


It’s quite possible he didn’t see any posted signs. Also there’s no way to know if there were other cars that were also accidentally left parked in that area besides the Ferrari. The post for it seems kind of clickbait-y in the sense that people will bring their preconceived notions of the sorts of people that own Ferrari’s and assume he had it coming. Maybe so, it’s possible that the owner is a douche but there’s also the possibility that it was an innocent mistake and that they weren’t the only ones to do so.


Would this be a tenth as interesting if the car was some old beater, or even a red prius or something? I feel like it’s only noteworthy because the car costs as much as a house.


Nice car.