Florida Governor Charlie Crist has a fan that blows him every day. No. Wait


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Well, that’s one of the better click-bait headlines I’ve seen in a while… even if the news is somewhat forgettable.



I believe the technical term you are searching for is: “fluffer”

Actually this is extra hilarious in that the Crist team sent their agreement to debate with one handwritten caveat - that he be allowed to bring a fan if it was too hot. There is a big difference between ‘electronics’ (commonly referring to smartphones, tablets, computers) and electrical devices (like the microphones, lights, cameras and fans). I’m sure guvnr “pleads the 5th 75 times/biggest Medicare fraud in US history” would have liked to remove former guvnr Crist’s mic, lights and cameras as well (I am sure he tried).

scroll to the bottom - BAM!

everyone knows Charlie Crist is hot blooded
check it and see, gotta fever of a hundred and three
has he been on a plane or to Africa recently?


Did this result in seven minutes of Crist standing on stage, looking ready to debate, while his opponent pitched a fit backstage?

When someone’s acting like a baby I don’t usually feel at a psychological disadvantage.


All politics aside, give the man his fan. Let the content of his argument decide the outcome of the debate.


That was actually one of my first questions: “Wait, is the fan actually electronic, or does the governor of Florida not know the difference between electric and electronic?”

On the one hand, that’s a pretty lame technicality to be focusing on.

On the other hand, he totally asked for it. He’s the one who violated the spirit of the agreement on a technicality. If you’re going to pull shit like that, you’d goddamn-well better be technically right.


Something something hot air.


I do take issue with the article/headline not being very clear. The headline seems to imply that Charlie Crist is the current governor of Florida. Rather he’s the former Republican Governor of Florida that served in the position before Rick Scott. Now he’s running as a Democrat. Honestly its not a great choice.

Vote for Charlie Crist who has made it very clear that he’s more interested in being elected than anything else and a guy who abandoned the post previously in 2011 because he thought it might be a springboard into national politics (It wasn’t).

Or vote for the terrible Rick Scott. Eh, at least Crist supports gay marriage and believes in climate change. That’s something.

Why ever do people say something and then say “wait”? Wait for what you just said? This makes no sense!

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just go to the link at crooksnliars
scroll down
they asked that Crist be allowed his fan - it was the one stipulation they asked for (based on 2 seconds of googling and 10 seconds of deep analysis - heh). If Scott didn’t agree to that, he should have cancelled the debate prior to the actual debate. Otherwise, let Crist debate an empty chair, like Clint.

Crist is supposedly pretty well known for wanting a fan at his podium. His ‘teddy bear’ or something like that? I’m no expert! My parents live there and worship Bill O’Reilly, nuff said.

It’s a conversational idiom signifying that a sudden thought has arisen. http://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/british/wait-a-minute-moment-second.

Wait, why am I responding to this?


Ok, thanks. Like most idioms, it probably makes more sense to people who already use it.

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No worries. The devil is in the details.

I on the other hand, had to look up popobawa.

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The real reason Rick Scott didn’t want to be on stage is that fans blow away Sith Lord disguises.


I feel like this is supposed to make Crist look petty and fussy, but it really doesn’t.

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The story is pathetic. Only an idiot or a Florida Republican would imagine Scott came out looking good. But I repeat myself.

Crist obviously wasn’t feeling in the least bit pressured. He was more than prepared for the situation pivoting to the issues he wanted to talk about when the fan was raised.

Scott declared an ultimatum, that he would not appear on the stage, then caved when his handlers realized that Crist was on stage looking calm and collected and their man was looking like a coward.

Clickbait obviously. But the story is ridiculous.


It also indicates incredulity and verbally ensures a pause in the conversation by filling time - “wait while I process this information because it doesn’t fit with what I expected.”

Also, I can honestly say that in my lifetime, I have never once seen a discussion involving two or more politicians, in any format, that I would call “debate” even by the standards of a high school debate team, let alone by the standards of anyone trying to show that their position is actually sincerely held and better than what the other parties are presenting.


I don’t like Charlie Crist, but I totally get the fan thing. I find it difficult to concentrate or to sleep without a fan, even in cold weather.

What Scott should have said:

“Oh, all right, let Charlie have his fan. But if he brings his tanning bed on stage, I am out of here.”