Former South Carolina GOP leader kills dog to please God

Have you smarty pantses considered that the God of the GOP (as they describe him) is a gigantic flaming asshole who might actually demand he murder a poor innocent beagle on a whim? It certainly fits his MO.


… the very best people…
WTF has happened to the USA? This is insanity (in the true legal definition) to have this type of person even being considered as a candidate.
My condolences to everyone living in America.


Holy shit… I know one shouldn’t confuse bigotry with mental illness… but, uh, this guy sounds off his meds.

ETA - I guess it’s a blessing he’s a former leader?


Wasn’t this part of the plot of “The Leftovers” Season 1?

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The ‘chickens’ are all ‘coming home to roost,’ all at once?

You can’t build a truly civilized society on exploitation, subjugation, and genocide, while simultaneously extolling the virtues of ‘liberty for all’; and then spending the next 400+ years covertly working against everything you claim to represent, in order to keep one small group in power over everyone else… not without having it all eventually come crashing down on you.

What the founders ‘built’ wasn’t sustainable; it was a good idea extrapolated into a huge house of cards, and the facade became more important than the reality… and now that facade has finally started to deteriorate…


Twelve seems possible at this point.


He killed a dog. That is horrible. I am a dog owner and I am furious. Let us not forget the focus: these people kill people!


(Neener neener neeeeeener! I still have likes to give! :wink: )


So do I, all of a sudden.


Sadly the right wing is unable to recognize the importance of funding mental health services.


Are you sure he’s a “former” GOP leader? He sounds as if he must be right in the center of things.

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Kincannon said "that every 1,000 years there needs to be a sacrifice and blood must be spilt."

Yes, lets start with yours, asshole.

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I’m in full fugue state, so let’s say this is “Rogue Country Mad Libs”:

“Former [state that depends a good deal on government money] GOP leader kills [anagrammable word] to please [anagram of anagrammable word].”

It’s not fun to play.


I can’t find any pleasure in the public mocking of a mentally ill person. Even if he’s a Republican. Even a Republican Southerner.

You guys go on ahead without me.

Edit: my message (displayed above in full) was marked offensive, and hidden. It was surprising that after I denounced BoingBoing’s post mocking a mentally ill person, the post remained up while my denunciation was removed as offensive. On reflection, though, I can see that my post could evoke strong emotion. Namely, shame. But you shouldn’t shoot the messenger.

I’m leaving my message alone, and I stand by it, despite the warning that I may be subject to “action”. I continue to think that publicly deriding the mentally ill is shameful and wrong, regardless of the subject’s political views.

Also, what’s with all the Disney? I’m surprised you don’t all know this already, but Disney sucks.


Yeah, my first reaction was that it obviously came pretty close to being a human being dead instead.

And who was then crucified… in the media.

This is absolutely true. They just manage to reach higher ranks in the GOP…

He’s already demanding they sacrifice poor people, students, etc. - this seems like very small potatoes for their god.

More and more I’m wondering if the current “culture war” really isn’t just a continuation of the Civil War. It ended with, at best, a stalemate, the reigns of the South handed back to the Confederacy in everything but name (where it was business as usual), and every few decades the conflict flares up again from its baseline fuckery. Jim Crow laws, the anti-Civil Rights movement, the Southern Strategy, Trumpism… Each related to what came before. And to make it obvious, we’ve got Northern Republicans talking about “our” heritage of (mid-20th century) Confederate statues.


Maybe this is an unfounded assumption, but this guy needs to get back on his psych drugs… and keep taking them. From the original post, seems like he has a ‘break’ every five years or so. Or at the very least lets his guard down enough to act out publicly.

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Sounds like a serious mental breakdown, possibly caused by drugs and/or not taking his drugs.


Speaking as a dad myself I think its unlikely that Jesus would just go out and do something because God told him to.


Well, that’s what it is. Or to be more exact: it’s a continuation of the values that existed prior the Civil War.

We had the Civil War, some Reconstruction, but 10 years later it was back to the “good old times” and segregation/Jim Crow.

The North never reeducated the South after the Civil War, the way the US did to Japan and Germany after WW2. If you ask the average German or Japanese citizen, they know and accept how terrible their country was (albeit, the Germans moreso than the Japanese who refuse to admit certain warcrimes-- that’s MacArthur’s fault). You won’t hear a German talk about their “heritage” in reference to Germany 1933-1945; they’re only just now able to talk about “patriotism” because theyre reluctant to be seen as being proud of the Nazi period. As for reeducation (or education), many Southerners won’t even admit what the Civil War was about. And they have some glorified idea about the institution of slavery.

So the South is making us pay for it. They cling to their guns and religion and “heritage” unto grim death. And any opportunity they can get to disadvantage or disparage a non-white, non-Christian, non-straight they’ll take it and take comfort in that its happening to “them” and not to “us.”