Former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale hospitalized after threatening to harm self

I dunno, the clown car that disgorged him was full of sociopathic murder clowns. There was a case to be made that each and every one of them was able to do worse than Jaffa the Hut who at least is incompetent as well as entirely without morals. Your Republican party courting the fash is more an issue. Just like the English Tories they cannot stomach being outflanked from the right, no matter how crazy the flanking manoeuvre is.


that’s fair. I actually left the party after decades specifically because of how quick they were to jump on the bandwagon. These last four years might have been less shit if they had shown some sort of spine.


It always bothers me when historians confabulate “difficult” with “worthwhile”. Genocide of native north americans was an enormous, complex, difficult project, done at great expense. There is nothing “great” about it.

Same for the creation of thousands of tons of highly radioactive waste, rotting in “temporary” storage until it escapes containment.

There is no appropriate language for these things other than the language of shame. So too with Trump and anyone who helped him hurt America.

For all of that, I hope this person can recover to a place where he can speak out about what he did, and in so doing, help the country recover from this calamity.


It’s likely not actual historians doing that, but people who read a couple of history books and fancy themselves “experts” on history.


Parscale was never among the succession of people who acted in the capacity of “Campaign Manager” for Trump’s 2016 campaign, his position for that campaign cycle was “Digital Director.”

Trump named Parscale manager of his re-election campaign in 2018 but the two had an explosive falling-out after months of dropping poll numbers and the humiliating Tulsa rally debacle.


I could be wrong on this, but from what I read it was the digital campaign that made the difference. Micro-targeting people in the specific states needed to pull off the win. The facebook advertising, the memes, all of that stuff, he coordinated.

It was probably a mistake to make him the campaign manager as his expertise seems to be in the digital realm entirely. I think the other people who had a hand in the other aspects of the campaign were too busy going to jail or pissing trump off to help out this time around.


Are you thinking of Cambridge Analytica? Or Facebook?


Like this:

At the time, when everyone was going how the fuck did this happen?, there was like a week of articles where people all of a sudden figured out it was digital that made the difference and this guy got a lot of buzz.

Then I think within a month, someone else said, yeah. cool, that’s a neat trick, but that still doesn’t explain everything. That’s when the shitstorm broke loose with Cambridge Analytica and whatnot.


Brad did nothing but pay CA to do the dirty work. He was a glorified media manager at best.

Dime a dozen.


Interesting statement. It works on many levels.


I suppose that depends on if you judge people dead by flat numbers or by percentages. Andrew Jackson wins on percentage, but I think Trump wins on sheer numbers. Of course, there were multiple attempts on Jackson’s life so…people did feel VERY strongly about him.


So the guy ultimately responsible for this database which has been leaked and there will be a story about on Channel 4 News in the UK tonight? I think you USians can watch it on the interwebs without a VPN.


I used to work with the guy back in the 90’s and early 00s, back then got his early career handed to him by nepotism [I remember Co-workers sarcasticly calling him Jr behind his back].

Still, of anybody I ever worked with him throwing himself in with large scale grifters and ending up broken and bunkered with a gun stage honestly doesn’t surprise me. Given he helped enable the hell hole that is 2016 onward I have absolutely no sympathy for him.



There also rumors that Trump was furious with jealousy when he found out Brad was having an affair with Hope Hicks.


Once again illustrating how the police handle armed white guys vs armed black guys.


Wonder if this story would have turned out the same way if the police were called to a report of a troubled black man with a gun who also was threatening self harm…


So the message here is “bullying is bad”. . . and it comes from a spokesperson for the guy who tells his supporters to punch protestors?


A long-overdue fit of remorse for the abomination he visited upon the world and the harm he caused?

[Googles pictures]

Doesn’t pass the smell test.

Neither, likely, does Parscale’s tali-beard.


I have no sympathy for the professional bullies that have helped burn the world and cause the deaths of 100’s of thousands of people and enabled white supremacy and race war shit. Seriously I can have sympathy to people I don’t like but anything touching the republican party and the Trump administration has reached such levels of evil bullshit I have gone past any semblance of sympathy and into schadenfreude. If there is any system of karma in the universe I honestly hope the people that enabled this hell hole get back what they put out over the past few years.

I have my limits these days.