Fox News apologizes after inviting on British celebrity racists to call for mass imprisonment of Muslims

farage: (noun) the liquid found at the bottom of the bin or waste container.
(pronounced fah-ridj in the south and fah-radj in the north)


Rob needs to do his mouth-eye shooping to this gif. That would be awesome. Like, on the scale of the Alien chest-burster scene.


Wow, you’ve just summed up my reaction to whiny people on House Hunters (especially House Hunters International, where the majority are renting).




You got the mouth-eye down but you’re missing the eye-mouths.



Oh wait, were you being serious?


for repeatedly pushing the story that dnc staffers were killed ( by the clintons, says their counterpart alex jones ) in some sort of cover up of wikileaks leaks.

except their “apology” never said what exactly they did wrong ( ie. reporting without substantiating facts. ) and they still got what they wanted: distracting the conservosphere from all of the real leaks relating to trump and russia.

they basically never apologize. and that weaponizes this particular apology, further spreading the ideas their racist guests were pushing.


Pretty much what i had said as well. I find the whole situation to be a dog and pony show. Purposefully call in some guests to say something reprehensible so that they could “take a stand” against such opinions. Also the racist Fox viewers will probably disregard them and cheer on the calls for internment of Muslims. So Fox wins either way.

I would give them props had they invited those people on with the express intent of dismantling their opinions and putting them in their place but that’s not what they did.


I think that would apply if Fox took time out to condemn an evil opinion that was already in the news. It’s a bit different if you’re condemning hate speech that you yourself broadcast seconds earlier.


For those of us not familiar with Fox &Friends, Steve Doucy, etc., could you explain what you mean by quisling?

Here in Norway it means traitor, more specifically a betrayer of his country, not just in words but in deeds. It’s a pretty strong word, in thirty years here I don’t recall ever hearing it used and I’ve seen it in contemporary print only very, very rarely. Vidkun Quisling was executed for it after the war.


Meanwhile, we have a fucking US congressman who is calling for the extrajudicial killing of all suspected Islamic terrorists.

Yea, that’s right. Suspected.

Why aren’t you guys – and the rest of the new – all the fuck over that?


I propose a new, improved, dehumanizing photoshop trick:

A single eye, appropriately embiggened, substituted for the mouth.


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You may be joking, but it bears repeating: they are humans. Asshole humans. humans you (and any thinking person) disagree with.

But humans. Deserving of all the rights that humans should have.

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“Quisling” is used for “traitor” in English, but I don’t think I’ve seen it used as much nowadays.

Katie Hopkins, who tweeted about a “final solution” after the Manchester attack and is now talking about internment camps. Does this vile, hateful excuse of a human never learn?


I may be joking, but I’m pretty sure Nigel at least is some species of bipedal equine.

I took a social psychology class in college – I didn’t do very well, but what I do remember is this: when the lawyer/attorney says something, or prompts someone on the stand into saying something, that needs to be stricken from the record, the judge will, of course, instruct the jury to disregard it. The way our minds work, we’re inclined to think, “like hell I’ll ignore it! Where does he get off, telling me what to think!?” The statement, whatever it is, sinks in further.


The IRA is Marxist-Leninist; the Provos are Trotskyites.

To say the least, Ireland is politically and religiously confused.

I’m just wondering how many loyal Fox News viewers were suddenly confused or angry that Fox News apologized for what nearly every one of those viewers was nodding their head in approval of as it was being said.


That’s almost… Masonic.