Fuck Elon Musk (Part 2)

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“For following the war in real-time, @WarMonitors & @sentdefender are good,” Musk posted on the platform formerly called Twitter on Sunday morning to 150 million follower accounts. That post was viewed 11 million times in three hours, drawing thanks from those two accounts, before Musk deleted it.

Both were among the most important early spreaders of a false claim in May that there had been an explosion near the White House. The Dow Jones Industrial Average stock index briefly dropped 85 points before that story was debunked.

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And yet Heard was nearly fired, sources on both sides tell Variety . Following “Aquaman’s” release in 2018, the studio and Wan decided to drop the actress from the sequel due to her lack of chemistry with Momoa and sent a letter to her attorney, Karl Austen, informing him of its decision. (Former DC Films boss Walter Hamada testified in the defamation trial about the “issue of chemistry.”) Those sources underscore that the move to bounce Heard was unrelated to Depp and took place before he filed suit against the actress in 2019. Likewise, Momoa was not involved in the decision-making. But another source pushed back on the lack-of-chemistry narrative, noting that Heard did a chemistry test with Momoa before landing the role of Mera and beat out two other actresses who did a similar chemistry test, including Abbey Lee.

Ultimately, the studio never pulled the trigger on firing Heard because her former boyfriend, Elon Musk, had one of his litigators send a “scorched-earth letter to Warner Bros. threatening to burn the house down” if the actress wasn’t brought back for a sequel, says a source familiar with the behind-the-scenes battle. Warner Bros. caved and moved forward with Heard. (Musk did not respond to a request for comment.)

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Depp fans paid the court fees for the release of documents from Heard’s therapist, Dr. Dawn Hughes. The raw notes, scribbled on a legal pad, were part of last year’s high-profile trial in which Depp largely prevailed.

How is it legal to use therapy notes in court, let alone release than to the public?

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… always get your therapy from your lawyer I guess

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Also in the news: Texas actually has environmental laws???


But by Gumby the enforcement of same is by far the most intentionally underfunded (staffing-wise) and over-generous (to repeat offenders) clown show I have yet seen in the U.S. (NB: I have not lived in Louisiana, and I know they have it worse in a lot of ways. I just don’t personally know anyone working for environmental justice there at the moment. Who’s to say Louisiana’s Cancer Alley and oil refineries beats Texas’ oil refinery complex in Beaumont/Port Arthur/ etc.?)

Wealthy developers and resource extraction industries et alia simply pay fees levied against their various infringements, illegalities, infractions, and other environmental crimes. Their money solves everything.

Having been quite intimately acquainted if not directly involved with Texas environmental issues for several decades, I can tell you that neither the county, nor the state, nor the federal level of legal protection suffice. Most of the time, it’s a litigate-to-enforce existing environmental standards and laws.

And that takes lawyers, money, science, expert witnesses, and some real good luck inside our so-called justice system. In this way, Texas is no different than many places on our planet. Or even inside the U.S.

Texas justice–especially Texas environmental justice–is a truly rare bird.
Hell, it’s an endangered species in most parts of our big ol’ 268,596 square miles that comprise Texas.
Mercy mercy mercy.


Twitter further restricts free tier with option to limit replies to verified accounts

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Can you stop verified users from replying? Because that would be a far more useful feature.


Even if Musk wanted to ( :poop:), I doubt Xchan has the capability to do that now.

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an interesting, if not unexpected thing:

The quality of our engagement on the platform was also suffering” Nett wrote in a followup email. “We were on average seeing fewer impressions and smaller reach on our tweets, despite keeping a similar publishing cadence. And I know this is anecdotal, but as someone looking at the account every day, spam replies were getting much more frequent — starting to overpower meaningful feedback and conversation from audiences.

also, poor zuckerberg. can’t even get credit for a mastodon port:

NPR, meanwhile, has been experimenting with Threads, a new app built by Instagram


Honestly, i’m kinda curious about BoingBoing’s numbers since leaving that site months ago too. Can we get that info editors?